Cracked Sky

The moon and Jupiter in a cracked sky

Amy Rose at Heaven On Earth commented: “So it seems you are becoming one who is hooked on astronomy.” I answered: “I’m always photographing the sky these days. That’s one of the most interesting things in my limited travels…” Since we moved out of downtown that was a longer commute and there were always photo opportunities, and since we presented papers at conferences remotely because of covid restrictions, almost all of my photography is from our property, the bosque, and the river. That includes a lot of sky photos day and night. Fortunately, we have interesting skies that are rarely the same, and the moon, planets, and stars are always changing positions and providing interesting challenges.


The moon and Jupiter with close together this morning.

Prickly Pear

Oxymorons: Spunk being sweet. The pTerodactyl stared me down on the levee.

The Rio Grande reflecting once again

Storm over the Sandias

52 thoughts on “Cracked Sky

  1. Those are gorgeous photos, Tim. I never tire of seeing photos of your property, the bosque, river and sky. Keep them coming! You and Laurie live in a bit of Paradise down there.

    • Spunk was smiling while dreaming about destroying things. He’s destructive as ever. Thanks, JYP.

  2. Most entertaining gallery today, Tim. You intro narrative was also enlightening. Think this is the first time we’ve seen Spunk looking “sweet” in an image.

  3. Tim – your ability to capture what is within your area is truly remarkable. With every post, I learn that transitions are around us, that every moment gives us unique opportunities to see the world around us differently – that we are changed by subtle events transpiring even as we move through our daily tasks. Thank you!!!!!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. When you have a small world to work in, you have to think big and take notice of everything around you.

  4. Just wow, Tim!! A HUGE thank you for the link ….. so very appreciated. My time too is very limited but I am very blessed to have a variety of beautiful parks close by, and when more time for me opens, I will be going out further to other parks and such. Today doing an errand with hubby to buy stain and paint for the front of our house, in hindsight I should have brought my camera (lesson learned …. bring camera with me wherever I go!) because we drove through our historical and quaint village and the sky opened up and man did it pour. Opportunities missed.

    Anyways …. your sky pictures are amazing and your sweet Spunk is just that ….. what a honey! Thank you for sharing you side of the world.

    • You are welcome, AmyRose. Thank you for helping me to clarify my recent status in photography and blogging. What’s obvious often needs to be stated, also. Especially when there is a reason behind the madness.

      • Oh, yes, Tim, putting into words what we are doing brings clarity to the process. I understand for I too am walking out in a direction that makes very little sense right now but I know to be true. I’m very glad I could bring clarification ….. it’s very obvious to me.

  5. That first shot is killer.
    It looks like looking down into it, but I know it’s up!
    All great shots, but once again Spunkie-Poo 💋 is a sleeper!
    Thanks Tim!

  6. I love your sky and night photos. I to watch the clouds all the time and photograph them. Your moon shots are fantastic. I have been out checking the night sky’s lately with the hopes of seeing the northern lights, but not yet. 🙂

      • Yes, I used to live in Northern Minnesota and we would see them all the time. I am a little farther south now, but they said they might even reach to Iowa this week.

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