Hummingbird Yoga


A hummingbird was hovering above me going through its yoga positions while I was out walking on the levee. The specks in the images are swarms of gnats or little flies that the hummingbird is feeding on.

Backstroke Bob

Treading air

Freefall Freddie

Leftward list

The crawfish

Crucified arch

Backstretch air tread

Front stretch air tread

Flutter me, Freddie

Look, mama! No Wings!


Night Heron @ Night

We started our walk on the ditch after sundown last light. As we were walking north on the levee, this Night Heron flew up in the tree along the clearwater ditch. He perched very close to us. Night Herons are usually very timid. Maybe he felt secure in the darkness because he stayed perched on the branch in clear view and turned from one side to the other as I snapped photos of him.