Heavens @ 3AM


One of the benefits of getting up at 3:00 AM to irrigate is that the clouds and stars can be delightful. The white iris bloomed this morning and on my way into town to work on one of the servers this afternoon I got the photo of the couple with their horse and buggy out for a joy ride on the ditch bank.



Double Delight

Double Delight produced an amazingly nice rose for a first bloom. A bumblebee came buzzing around the irises while I was out photographing them — the first bumblebee I’ve seen this year.  Puck was up on the roof spying on us through the leaves while we were walking the garden this afternoon.

We got quite a bit done today. After I got the drippers started first thing this morning, I loaded the truck with half of the aluminum roofing I took off the house on the other end of the property a few weeks ago, and took it to the scrap metal yard. I dropped by Lowe’s on the way home and got supplies to repair the fence and finish setting up the swamp cooler. I got the swamp cooler overhauled, repaired the fence, cut a bunch of dead canes out of the rose bushes, tied back and staked up some of the out-of-control roses around the deck, and trimmed the trumpet vine along the walk.  Laurie weeded some of the rose beds, driveway and parking area.

Golden Iris


My right knee has been really stiff and painful for the last couple of days. I’m thinking it’s the weather since I can’t remember doing anything to make it hurt. This is the first weekend in weeks that we don’t have some event to attend or volunteer job to report to; therefore, I am planning to get a lot of work done in the yard and around the house if my knee lets me.

We don’t remember seeing the golden iris before. It was probably frozen before it bloomed last year, so we didn’t get to see the color. It’s quite stunning in the afternoon light. It even had Rosnecrantz looking at it with a wide-eyed stare.

I’m rereading “1066 and All That”, and I just finished “Test Paper I”. Some questions were quite challenging; for example, “Discuss, in Latin or Gothic (but not both), whether the Northumbrian Bishops were more schismatical that the Cumbrian Abbots.”   Then there were a few easy questions, such as, “Which came first, A.D. or B.C.? (Be careful.)”, and “How angry would you be if it was suggested (I) That the XIth Chap. of the Consolations of Boethius was an interpolated palimpsest? (2) That an eisteddfod was an agricultural implement?”  And finally, “Would you say that Ethelread the Unready was directly responsible for the French Revolution? If so, what would you say?”  If you don’t know the answers to these questions and would like to find out what they are, find a copy of “1066 and All That” by W.C Sellar & R.J. Yeatman.  The library might have it; if not, it’s available on Amazon.


Purple & Yellow Iris


The purple and yellow irises bloomed this morning. It looked like other colors were on the verge of blooming, but with the “hurricane winds” we had this afternoon, I didn’t check to see if the other irises had bloomed when I got home this evening.

Big Tree Sunset


One upshot to the Village closing the south end of Corrales Road for the sewer extension is that I drive down different roads and find new photo ops. I never paid much attention to this big tree on Coronado Road until this evening with the low sun behind it. Lady banks is in full bloom now, and I added another shot of water droplets on an iris bud.



Driving Backwards


We followed this funny painted tractor/trailer rig on I-40 and then Coors Road until in turned off onto Ouray. I ran soaker hoses on the iris this afternoon and couldn’t resist photographing water droplets. The run-of-the-mill, purple and yellow irises have been blooming for a couple of days, but now our fancy irises are getting ready to bloom.