Multiple shots of one hummingbird hovering in front of me on the levee. I get a shot, it moves out of the view of my lens and hovers. I try to move with the hummingbird, focus, and click before it changes direction again. I think it’s a game to the hummingbird to hover and move in and out of my field-of-view.

Pearl Crescents


Tiny Pearl Crescent butterflies enjoying our purple salvia.



I compelled to do a pesky green red car report since my MX-5 is averaging 42.5 mpg (18.07 kpl) after driving 320.3 miles (515.47 kilometers). That’s the best average gas mileage so far, which included a lot of stop and go traffic (all the public schools and universities are back in session), plus I drove to three different schools in different parts of town on this tank of gas.