35 thoughts on “Suspended

      • I put black widows back outside. The rest of the spiders get to stay wherever they happen to be. We end rescuing spiders from the cats.

    • This is spider season, and we have lots of spiders weaving webs all over the property. Some of them have weaved webs across the various paths we have outside. I’ve walked through a few of their webs and ended up with a spider running around on me until it caught a thread and Tarzaned its way to safety. I could almost hear its squeaky Tarzan yodel as it flew through the air on its thread. There’s an Orb Spider and Zipper Spider that have webs where Laurie parks her car. She said they scurry out onto their webs like they are greeting her when she drives up.

      • That’s totally insane, but I get it!
        Insects can come on big… not in size but numbers.
        Clouds of mosquitoes, Sheets and Wallpapers of Fish Flies, a telephone booth so full of spiders he had to light a newspaper and burn his way in.
        Ah, the good old days….. and I mean that in the good way.

    • Hi Charlotte. The stickiness of the webs are annoying. I often end up with spiders running around on me until they catch a piece of their web and swing off me like an eight legged Tarzan. Speaking of webs, and your name, did you ever perform Charlotte’s Web?

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