War is a song I wrote and recorded for Ukraine. I wanted to record on Friday, but I worked late, and I had too many things to do yesterday. Les choses sont contre moi! War is bloody awful, but so is war.

By Timothy Price

Tense dreams, nervous sleep
No comfort in the silence
Specters dance in the shades of darkness
Sprites flash forboding violence

Explosions awaken the gods of war
Ares blesses bombs
Enyo ensures destruction to all
Keyes beckons Putin’s call

While Brandon snored
Putin went to war
World ignored
Bad rapport

Destruction, mayhem
Carnage as they fall
Soldiers, civilians
Death to one and all

Sleep is forever
So many unfortunate souls
Humanity fails us again
Innocents sacrificed
For our sins

Spunk disgusted over Putin invading Ukraine.

A Chevy To Pay My Levy

The Piñon Coffee Company’s Chevy pickup at a coffee show in 2019.

I had not been to the Piñon Coffee Company’s retail outlet since before the pandemic in late 2019. I had to order coffee online at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 because they had to close their retail outlet by orders of the governor. I had continued to order coffee online since I don’t drive by their retail outlet anymore. I went out on an errand today which was near the Piñon Coffee Company. Since we needed more Mexican Spice Chocolate coffee beans, I decided to stop by the retail outlet while I was in the area. Over the past couple of years, Piñon has spruced up their retail outlet, and there’s now a Chevy to pay my levy when I collect my coffee beans in person.


Mama Owl is in the nest! I’ve been checking every night since I photographed Mama and Daddy together on Friday evening to see if I could see Mama Owl in the nest. Last night I didn’t see her, but tonight I could see the top of her head. When I said, “Mama Owl, you are on the nest!” She popped her head up just enough to look over the edge at me and let her ear tuffs blow in the wind. The evening sky was celebrating mama owl with a display of beautiful colors after sundown.

Daddy Owl was deep in thought.