It Sucks


We got a new vacuum cleaner that really sucks.

Dusk looking East

Cat cleaning attachment. Assembly and use instructions for men and women. Floor brush.

Dusk looking west

54 thoughts on “It Sucks

  1. Haha. Wait, does the vacuum work well or no? I cannot tell from the post. Beautiful pics as always. The vacuum and pic of your kitty remind me of animals and vacuums cleaners not getting along. Noisy and frightening for them sometimes.

    • The more vacuums suck the better they work. This one sucks. This one is really quiet so the cats were not too bothered by it. We will mainly use this in the bedroom where there’s carpet. I use a big shop vac with a bag on the rest of the house. Between the cats and us, a lot of the outside ends up inside and it overwhelms a normal vacuum. The cats and the birds are really afraid of that monster shop vac. Thanks, Jeff.

      • Ah, got it, and agreed. Quiet is good, and I totally get the shop vac. In the place I last lived we had a dog and a cat, hardwood floors, lots to clean up with the coming and going off us all. Your welcome, Tim.

    • I had it put together with cat help before Laurie read the instructions. They also had a warning not to vacuum while intoxicated. The instructions are funny and not needed as I think they realize. Thanks, KT.

  2. “… a vacuum cleaner that really sucks.” Hahaha… great quote! The cat/dog cleaning attachment on my Dyson works very well too.

  3. It’s important to have a vacuum that can suck well. We have gone through a lot of vacuums, from Fantom to Dyson (times three) to Shark Navigator. What I don’t like is the shorter cord. I use a heavy duty extension cord on vacuum days.

    • This vaccuum cleaner replaced one we had for 25 years. When the powerhead broke 15 years ago, I took it to a local vacuum repair. They couldn’t fix the powerhead because parts were no longer available, but they had a used powerhead for practically nothing. The hose and connections finally broke down to the point I couldn’t repair them any longer. There’s only so much Duck Tape and Superglue that can be put on a vacuum hose and connections. Thanks, David.

  4. Well, that post does suck – in the most complementary way of course ha! Is that Spunk checking out that cleaner – brave kitty – my poodles wage holy war whenever we bring out the Dyson!

    • That’s Spunk. He loves helping me put things together before he tries to tear them apart. The canister vacuum doesn’t bother the cats very much. The shop vac is another story. Do you remember the song “I Can’t Hear You With The Shop Vac ON”?

      • Yep, Coulton is hilarious – just listened to it again as you jogged my memory – that’s the song with the radio dub about the dude with a shotgun.

      • Did they make their final selection – I missed it if they did, although I did see they announced their 13 show tour coming up – if they play vegas Linda and I will probably try to fly out and catch it.

      • I think Rikki Dazzle is the final pick. He fits in pretty well. I might go see them if they come to Albuquerque.

    • It’s a sucker. They do have a sense of humor. There’s a warning not to vacuum while intoxicated. Tristan said: “But that’s when vacuuming is fun!” I hate vacuuming. If people like a clean house, stay away for ours. Thanks, JYP.

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