Too Many Nuts

Parking garage. Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’ve banned myself for life from the parking garage that I was banned for life from in 2016. I find it interesting that this can of nuts was in the space next to where I parked in the garage this morning. It should be the last photo from the parking garage.

When I walked into the parking garage this afternoon, a half-naked, grungy dude wearing a cowboy hat stepped out of the shadows under the stairwell, started telling me a sad story that made no sense and asked me for money. When I told him no, he became more aggressive about asking for money and followed me up the stairs blathering nonsense between yelling ‘Hey” trying to get my attention, and asking for money. I plodded up the stairs keeping my head down so I could vaguely see what the guy was doing behind me. Since I park on the top of the garage, he must have decided climbing so many flights of stairs was too much work, or at least not worth the effort, and gave up about halfway up. When I got home, I looked up who was managing the lot across the street from the office where I used to park and purchased a monthly subscription that starts tomorrow. I’ll still have to deal with transients, but they won’t have the advantage of the parking garage.

There is a downtown action team who used to tell homeless to move on and to stop panhandling. I was talking to the manager of the team, and she said they can no longer tell people to move on, and they can’t tell them to stop panhandling, either. The homless know it and are becoming more aggressive.

Bird Watching

Gwendolyn: “Hey Paparazzo! You’re scaring away the birds!”

The kittens love sitting on the windowsill looking out at the beautiful view, but especially they like watching the birds that flit around in the foliage right outside the window.

Moon & Jupiter in the Tangle Heart Tree

I walked out to the Tangle Heart Tree under the light of a half-moon. The owls hooted, Chupacabra nipped at my heels, and La Llorona wept in the shadows. As I approached the Tangle Heart Tree, the half-moon and Jupiter fell into the heart. While I was photographing the phenom of a cottonwood embracing two celestial bodies, a legion of ghosts swept past me streaking my photo, causing the coyotes and chupacabra to howl, and La Llorona to cry out as she grabbed at the apparitions hoping to catch her children among the flock of phantoms. The remnants of ghostly matter made the next photo look like a painting. The following photo came out a little clearer, but there were still pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air. The last photo cleared up a little more but it still shows remnants of the eidolon.

A legion of ghosts swept past me.

The remnants of ghostly matter.

Pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air.

Still showing remnants of the eidolon.


66 Inches of Tape

A gas pump at our local gas station. Corrales, New Mexico.

I stopped for a fillup at Phillips 66 at Oh! It’s still dark thirty this morning. While I was waiting for my tank to fill, I noticed the pump in the bay across the way had what looked like a 66-inch long tape of unclaimed receipts. The pump I was on wasn’t giving receipts, perhaps my receipt was printed on the pump across the way.

The Last FAX

My old crusty Lucent (before Avaya) Partner II D18 phone with a new ARC mascherina.

Our business phone used to be an integral and extremely important part of our business. I had it set up in the 1980s and 90s so we had to punch in project codes in order to make long-distance calls so we could charge those calls to projects. We had 6 lines and 40 extensions until I added a voicemail, which to up 8 extensions. Our old Avaya Partner II system was state of the art and holds its own today as I have had it bridged into VIOP for a few years. When I was upgrading our security in 2012, I discovered the phone system supported integrating video with our computers and “buzzing people in”. I didn’t implement that feature, but I was impressed that a 20-year-old phone system could do that at the time.

The phone system had been paid off for years, but we carried a service agreement on it, which was a wonderful deal until 2017. I often got calls from Avaya sales telling me we needed to replace the phone system and that we would save money by purchasing a new phone system. I would ask “How would buying a new phone system for $15,000 save us money?” The salesperson said the service agreement would be less. In 2017 I asked Avaya to drop the service agreement since I could buy phone parts for next to nothing on eBay, and could maintain the phone system myself. I received a document in the mail several months later about being a claimant on Avaya’s bankruptcy. They owed us money for prepaid service that expired after I dropped our service agreement. I noticed reading the documents that Avaya filed bankruptcy the same day they effectively terminated our service contract. I felt bad like cancelling our service agreement was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In 2014 when we had T-1 Internet, our phone system was bridged into the T-1 as voice over IP (VOIP). T-1 service is dedicated and one thing you pay for with T-1 is immediate repair. The phone module went out in the T-1 router in 2014. Instead of replacing the router within 24 hours, it took CenturyLink 5 days before they replaced the router. In the 1990s five days without phone service would have been a disaster for our business, but we discovered in 2014 it was only a minor inconvenience as most of our important clients called our cell phones, texted or used email. The phone system was becoming obsolete. At the end of our T-1 contract a few months later, I dropped the T-1, moved all our servers to virtual servers at our ISP, and had our phone system restored to a plain old telephone system (POTS).

These days 99% of incoming calls are from people trying to sell phone systems (being a phone system salesman must be one of the worst jobs in the world these days), recordings saying they have important information about our car warranties, calls saying “DON’T HANG UP!” because they import information about our credit cards or just silence. We hadn’t received a legitimate FAX in years.

Up until Monday, we still had 6 lines, one that was used for FAX; but I had put in a request to cancel 3 lines last Friday afternoon, which took 48 hours before the lines were cut off. First thing Monday morning we got our last FAX, trying to sell insurance, about an hour later the FAX line was dead.