Moon & Jupiter in the Tangle Heart Tree

I walked out to the Tangle Heart Tree under the light of a half-moon. The owls hooted, Chupacabra nipped at my heels, and La Llorona wept in the shadows. As I approached the Tangle Heart Tree, the half-moon and Jupiter fell into the heart. While I was photographing the phenom of a cottonwood embracing two celestial bodies, a legion of ghosts swept past me streaking my photo, causing the coyotes and chupacabra to howl, and La Llorona to cry out as she grabbed at the apparitions hoping to catch her children among the flock of phantoms. The remnants of ghostly matter made the next photo look like a painting. The following photo came out a little clearer, but there were still pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air. The last photo cleared up a little more but it still shows remnants of the eidolon.

A legion of ghosts swept past me.

The remnants of ghostly matter.

Pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air.

Still showing remnants of the eidolon.


56 thoughts on “Moon & Jupiter in the Tangle Heart Tree

    • I believe Mrs. Robinson had an affair with Zaphod Beeblebrox in the restaurant at the end of the galaxy. Then Beeblebrox crashed Judy’s wedding, took off with Judy and they have been hitchhiking around the galaxy ever since. As for the Jupiter 2? Robot took offence to being called a “Traitorous Transistorized Toad” and took off with the saucer while the spaced out family Robinson were at Judy’s failed wedding. Now you know. Thanks, John.

  1. I do really liked the Tangle Heart Tree, Timothy, and with the celestial and paranormal activity, you just added to the charm. Fantastic photos and description.

    • Thanks, Teagan. It’s getting that time of year for more ghostly activities. Although I noticed the stores have already moved the Halloween dispays aside to make room for Christmas stuff. I miss the old days when you didn’t see Halloween crap until mid-October, and they waited until after Thanksgiving to put out Christmas stuff. I don’t go to stores as much these days, but when I do the curmudgeonly side on my cheoness wants to rebel against the early onslaught of Halloweeny and Christmasness.

      • I’m with you on the obnoxious marketing, Tim. I don’t think it makes either of us a curmudgeon. But it does make them marketing vampires, sucking every holiday dry and ruining the fun. It might as well be Hallothanksmas. But that’s not right either because Halloween and Thanksgiving basically get squashed. Ah — Squashmas.

      • I think Thanksgiving gets pretty much ignored, and just happens to be an inconvenience to celebrate thankfulness and our country. Thankfulness and the our country are out of vogue these days. I’m surprised there is so much enthusiasm for Christmas, but I suppose it’s unprofitable to play it down.

    • Thanks, Holly. Your tree has such elegance, primary magic and primordial essence. PDH and the RG girls might have been caught up with that legion of phantasms, but they swept by so quickly I couldn’t tell. Although, the Tangle Heart Tree most likely would have grabbed hold of them and saved them if they were there.

  2. Halloween candy arrived last week, and I suspect more probably was put out this week. It won’t be long when Halloween candy will be put out before school supplies.

  3. Awesome post ~ the photos and the writing meld together perfectly. There opening paragraph “The owls hooted, Chupacabra nipped at my heels, and La Llorona wept in the shadows. As I approached the Tangle Heart Tree, the half-moon and Jupiter fell into the heart…” is the perfect sign to continue on with the journey ahead, and for some reason it seems very fitting for 2020. My favorite shot is the one where a legion of ghosts swept past you, it is felt in the photo 🙂 Cheers to a good weekend ahead.

    • The bosque is scary at night. There are lots of monsters out with the creatures of the night. Thanks, Susan.

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