Classical Changement
Venus over Jupiter
Crossed paths in the night

Moon in the clouds at dusk

Since a lot of people couldn’t find the owl’s nest in Susan’s Tree on the February 28th post, here’s a photo of the nest after I got it secured on the tree last August.

A Little Closer

Half moon high in the southwestern sky. Jupiter and Venus low getting closer together.

As close a shot as I can get of Jupiter and Venus coming together.

A half-moon tonight

The night sky looking toward the southeast.

The night sky looking north.

On The Verge Of Converge

The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus lined up last night. Jupiter and Venus managed to shine through the clouds.

Only three nights left before Jupiter and Venus meet as they cross paths from our earthly view.

Jupiter and Venus shine through the clouds, between the trees.

The stars looked on.

Birds & Stars


An attempt to photograph the Green Comet. It was near Polaris last night.


Moon and Mars


Jupiter and moons


Eastern sky. Mars to the left of the moon in the moon’s glow.

A second Jack

Ripples & Folds

Jupiter tows Moon across the sky
Rippling the fabric of space and time
Jupiter lost in a fold

Mars hangs above Resa’s tree
Kiss Flying-V points to two
The Pleiades questions tenebrous
Capella looks at ten
Uranus sits dimly on one