All Tired Out


I got a flat tire on the truck, put on the spare and drove the flat tire to Discount Tires to see if they could repair it. Even though the tire didn’t have much wear, it was over 10 years old, so he said by law he couldn’t touch it. A guy from the Midas shop next door walked by and said, I think I have some used tires that will fit. He didn’t have any 225/15s, but he had a pair 235/15s, which are a bit bigger. For $30 he mounted and balanced the two 235/15 tires, and put them on the back of the truck, and then he out the two better tires of the 3 remaining originals on the front. That was quite a deal, since the lowest price set of four new tires for the truck would run about $400, and since I don’t drive the truck very often, I didn’t want to put a new set of tires on it right now.

After a morning run and repairing one of the drip systems this morning, to getting tires replaced, loading and unloading my other large snake cage and a bunch of stuff out of Tristan’s garage, I’m all tired out. While making my evening rounds with the camera, I noticed that the white lilies, Rosencrantz and a hummingbird where tired out as well.





Digital Cricket

Is that a cricket I see on the computer cable?


Ah Hem! Paparazzi! That cricket is getting awfully close to the USB port on your computer.


COME ON YOU STUPID PHOTOGRAPHER! There’s a cricket on the cable and it’s getting AWAY!


Note: Leo is mistaken. It was a leaf hopper katydid exploring my computer. Insect identification has never been one of Leo’s (or my) strengths.

Night Fury


I call this black dragonfly a “Night Fury” because I had been trying to get a photo of it for over a week — it had not let me get close enough to it until I climbed into the bamboo patch just before sundown and waited for it to land close enough to focus on it. The other two dragonflies in this series were very cooperative, as usual, but the Night Fury refused to land anywhere in the open outside the bamboo patch.






Wind Chill 101.3


The forecast for Corrales was for a high of 94º F on Sunday. Our thermometer showed a wind chill of 101.3º F at 3:00 pm. On Saturday the thermometer was reading 105º F, but since I had it mounted on a post close to the pump house, I suspected it might be picking up reflected heat; so I moved the thermometer to a post in the middle of nowhere on the property, and mounted at 6 feet of the ground, so the 101.3º F should be pretty accurate. The other two photos are cobweb covered stuff in the shed.