Night Fury


I call this black dragonfly a “Night Fury” because I had been trying to get a photo of it for over a week — it had not let me get close enough to it until I climbed into the bamboo patch just before sundown and waited for it to land close enough to focus on it. The other two dragonflies in this series were very cooperative, as usual, but the Night Fury refused to land anywhere in the open outside the bamboo patch.






13 thoughts on “Night Fury

  1. Wow, excellent work and so worth the effort! The flies are works of art and so amazing with those four wings, the muscles it must take to make them work. Like flying miracles.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It’s a patch of black bamboo that we were told to plant in the shade, so I planted it under two big, old crabapple trees, where it grew, but didn’t spread much for years. Then I cut down the crabapple trees, exposing the bamboo to full sun. It loves fun sun and has gone wild and expanded into more of a forest in the past 5 years. The critters like the bamboo, especially the dragonflies.

  2. What beauties! Good you were persistent and waited for him – because that Night Fury is really worth waiting for. Great shots!

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