2 Score, 6 Gone By


On this date 6 years ago, I posted the photo essay below on my T&L Photos website that was my final project for one of my photography classes at the university back in 1981. The introduction and concluding photos in the series were typeset on paper by a local typesetter, I photographed the pages with my 4X5 view camera and reversed processed the negatives into positives so when I printed the sheet film I got white letters on a black background. I made each photo with a combination of long exposures and manually triggered flashes to capture movement with some clarity in the images. I had to carefully calculate each exposure and plan the details of each shot to successfully execute each photograph because I could not preview each shot before I processed the negatives. Only one 4X5 negative was exposed for each print in this series. The project was a major undertaking.

I noticed the writing was not my best back then. I didn’t have a personal computer, so I didn’t write nearly as much as I do today. These days, I would never use “Sometimes I venture into the deepest shafts of my mind, into a room…” How clunky is that? I would change it to something like “Sometimes I wandered through the deepest recesses of my twisted mind, into a room…”

Click on the gallery to see the photos larger.

I would rewrite the conclusion, as well:

“As the images behind the window faded, I turned to find my way back to reality. Teetering on the edge of consciousness, I looked back to see my shadow hanging in the window, I was guilty of the execution of photography.”

Dentist Sun Rise & Shine

Dentist’s office sun rises shines
Imprisoned by shadows stripes
Thinking grinding gnashing teeth
Some impressions made
Brain numbed by Novocaine
Lips lost face sags
“Open wider” whirring drill
Splashes suction smoking still
One imagines gaping holes
Picking drilling air-blasts woe
Fitting carbon paper bite
Drilling fitting bite again
Glued fitted bite down hold
No brushing eating or floss don’t chew
For three weeks until we call
To anoint the crown give proper reign
Don’t let that temp one fall