Wet Grasshopper

The lead photo is the winner of the Wet Grasshopper Contest. I suppose more “normal” people go to wet T-shirt contests, but I find wet insects quite appealing. I know, I know, I need to get out more.

Neither Laurie nor I slept well last night. I did a little house work, watering and pulled some morning glories off the grapes today; otherwise, I’ve been dragging around most of the day. I noticed late this afternoon that I had a slight sore throat. I’m glad I didn’t do as much yard work as I was thinking about doing.

Love Red or Green?

When I was doing the Fotóplanking, I tried Leisure Fotó. The problem is it wasn’t very leisurely. A lot of strength I don’t really have is required to laze out on a post and make it look like you’re not straining. If it wasn’t for pushing my “big, scary camera” (as one French woman called it) forward to act as a counter-balance, I don’t think I could have assumed that position.

I got some nice rose photos tonight, but when I started looking at them, I just couldn’t deal with rose photos tonight. Love’s blazing red and green gas and diesel prices I got on the way home tonight and the clouds moving in over UNM I got last night while waiting for Laurie were much more interesting to me.

Fireworks in Dill

I never thought of fireworks in dill until tonight. I was mentioning to Laurie there wasn’t many critters out tonight, and she thought the dill might attract more, then she noticed the dill had a galaxy look to it. It turned out to look more like fireworks to me.

Stretch was being  cute and posing for Laurie on the microwave this morning. He is doing pretty well.



Rio Samba

Rio Samba

Rio Samba was in fine form this morning.

The irrigation water is black from the ash and burnt soils being washed into the Rio Grande from the areas burned by the Las Conchas fire.  It’s pretty strange to see black water, and it leaves a black residue behind. We’ll see if the plants like it.

While I was out watching the thunderstorm move in about 20:45 this evening, I saw a flash/crack and the top of a dead cottonwood crashed down into the horse arena. I couldn’t see well enough if it hit their barn, but It didn’t sound like any metal crunching after the initial crack. The birds loved to sit in that old tree!

I took Stretch in for blood work this morning. He’s holding steady, so the vet told us to give him 200 ml of fluid every other day and see how he does with that. That way we don’t have to water-board him every day.

I made a giant stock pot of green chile stew this afternoon. It’s almost one of my best ever. What kept it from being my best is that we are out of Wagner’s green chile, so I had to use frozen green chile form Costco.

Black irrigation water over the gate

Black irrigation water rushing under the gate
Veteran's Honor