Friday Evening Downtown

I left the office without my Macbook this afternoon and remembered I had left it when I was almost home. I went home, water boarded Stretch, grabbed both cameras and headed back downtown to get my Macbook.

I arrived shortly after sunset and set out with cameras in hand to see what was happening on Central between 3rd and 6th streets at dusk on a Friday. People filled the bars along Central, while others milled around waiting for more people to show up to party. Cars poked along Central with an occasional Harley rumbling along between them. A couple of guys asked me if I knew where any bars were, which seemed a little strange to me as I pointed out two bars and a strip joint within 100 feet in front, behind and across the street from where we were standing.

Three cool bikers hanging out at the library asked me to take a picture of them. I couldn’t refuse. I’ll be interested to see if they contact me for copy of the photo.

There were a couple of musicians playing for tips. The guitarist/singer with ARC on his guitar case was pretty good. The woman playing trombone for tips was at the level that you would pay her to stop playing rather than listen to her for any length of time. The young women sitting outside the smoke shop seemed too occupied with their cell phones and cigarettes to notice the trombonist.

The most interesting place was 405 Central. The DJs were setting up for an outside gig, playing loud music while the corner window displayed a variety of tantalizing images projected on it from inside. The woman walking up to the DJ checking his phone was sitting at a dial-a-ride booth in front of the homey in the lavender shirt when I walked by on that side before taking the photograph.

Vendors were set up on the corners of 3rd and Central and 4th and Central to provide normal fare to the bar hoppers. The lead photo was set up in front of Nick’s Restaurant at 4th and Central.

Trombone 4 tips