111 and all that

There’s an email going around that explains there are five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays in July 2011 — that’s said to happen every 823 years. The email also notes that if you take the last two digits of your birth year, add your age you will be this year to it, the total will be 111 “for everyone in the world.”  Well not exactly. Only “everyone in the world” born in the 20th century will come out with 111 using this technique that I’ll call the “century trick”; however, anyone born in the 21st century will come out with 11, and anyone born in the 19th century will come out with 211. Actually, if you calculate the age of any famous person born in the past 2000 years, and run it through the century trick, the total will be some hundred eleven. Here’s a possible trick question: If you add the year Christ was born to how old he will be this year, what number do you get?

As interesting as the century trick is, I decided to take some arbitrary values together with 111 and see what I would come up with. First, I took the total number of friends I have on Face book, multiplied that number by 111, subtracted the date the Declaration of Independence was signed, then divided the total by the last two numbers in the year of my birth — lo and behold, the number came out to 111. How weird is that?

Wait! Wait! There’s more. I took the totals of our three black cats’ ages using the century trick above, multiplied that total by the product of the caliber of an AK-47, subtracted the year Queen Elizabeth signed Mary Stuart’s death sentence, then divided that total by 111. Guess what it came out to? The number of friends I have on Facebook. Who would have thought?

Now I know these apparently random outcomes seem arbitrary, but somehow the above results have something to do with the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Affairs, the Bilderberg Group, and Google. Notice how I wrote 111 six times. A coincidence?




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