A Little Closer

Half moon high in the southwestern sky. Jupiter and Venus low getting closer together.

As close a shot as I can get of Jupiter and Venus coming together.

A half-moon tonight

The night sky looking toward the southeast.

The night sky looking north.

On The Verge Of Converge

The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus lined up last night. Jupiter and Venus managed to shine through the clouds.

Only three nights left before Jupiter and Venus meet as they cross paths from our earthly view.

Jupiter and Venus shine through the clouds, between the trees.

The stars looked on.

A Blue Psalm

A Blue Psalm was first published by Gabriela Marie Milton in 2021. I wrote the poem in response to bloggers who wrote about the horrific abuse they experienced growing up and how difficult it is for them to deal with it as adults. I recently reworked the original song with new vocal tracts. I used some butterfly photos (mine) and videos I borrowed from the Internet as metaphors for people who have been abused.

A Blue Psalm
Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price

Oh, Lord? Oh Lord?
Why have you hated me?
How in my innocence
Have I sinned?
To be damned from birth
Neglected and abused
While you looked on
Like I was nothing more
Than the Devil’s spawn
I am broken, so broken
A pile of bones laid at your feet
Show mercy, oh Lord
Mold me, reshape me, make me whole
I want to feel loved, normal, happy, whole

And Yet Another Satire Sunday

Steampunk Sam resorts to pedaling after his balloons were confiscated by local authorities.

Party City Stores Raided
FBI agents raided more than 700 Party City stores across the USA on Friday after the Biden Administration learned that most of the balloons sold at Party City Stores are made in China. “It has come to our attention that Party City sells Chinese ‘SPY’ balloons.” Said Karine Jean-Pierre in a press conference. “That makes Party City a threat to national security and possibly guilty of espionage.” Party City officials were not available for comment at press time. However, an anonymous source close to the issue said, “How ridiculous! Party City sells ‘PARTY’ balloons not ‘SPY’ balloons! Besides they buy balloons from non-Communits countries, also.”

An FBI agent was overheard saying, “Too bad Chick-Fil-A, and Mike Lindell don’t sell Chinese spy balloons so we could take them down, also!” Henrietta Haberdasher was walking away from the checkout stand with balloons she purchased for her granddaughter’s birthday party when the FBI used flashbang grenades to break the glass in the doors before storming the store. Ms. Haberdasher commented, “They put on quite a show for much of nothing. Those doors had signs that read ‘Doors to remain unlocked during business hours.’ They took all the balloons I had just purchased. It’s just a stupid excuse for those government sourpusses to keep ‘we the people,” especially kids, from having fun. Now only criminals and law enforcement will have balloons!”

At press time there was a rumor that President Biden was signing an executive order outlawing the possession of balloons, forcing Ronald McDonald, Bozo and Krusty to go into hiding. Sources close to the President said, “We’ll get you clowns!”

They’re coming to get you clowns!

Vincent is a perfect spy balloon.