You might remember that back in early April we demolished and recycled the cubicles that came with our new office: The above three photos are of our new cubicles in early June a few days before we moved all the staff in.

A view of Resa’s tree through the roses.

Clouds building up in the late afternoon.

Hangdog Daze of Summer’s Cats

Glenda stretching out of the frame.

What do cats do in the heat of hangdog daze of summer? They be cool. As everyone should know, cats are always cool. Spunk knows he’s “Hot” based on his kitty good looks, but he has always been, and there never was a time that he was not, a super cool cat. But when it’s hot, the cats like to “hangdog” around and look cool.

Spunk putting on the cool hangdog daze look.

Silver in a hangdog daze.

Sasha hangdogging in style.

Spunk knows a cool place to be on a hangdog hot day is in the cooler. Marble thinking about joining him.

Loki enjoying in the airflow from the cooler.

Spunk daydreaming, while Marble naps on the cool glass top.

A thunderstorm blew in around 5:00 pm with a lot of noise and about 4 drops of rain. However, the temperature dropped from 103º F (39.4º C) to 89º F (31.6º C) in a matter of minutes.

Glenda hangdogging and planking at the same time.

The thunderstorm produced some cool clouds.

A hangdog daze tail wag from Glenda.

Gwendolyn hangdogging on a worm rug.

Sunset lights up Resa’s tree.

Glenda: “What’s your problem Paparazzo?”

Not a good mix it.

Good colors, anyway.

The painter broke through the hangdog daze pallor of gray overcast skies at sunset.

Glenda: “What’s up with you going back and forth to look at the sky? Enough already. You’re bothering me boy!”

Hangdog daze Crepuscular rayz at sunset.

Hot & Roses

When I got in my car at the office, the temp read 116º F (46.7º C). I started driving and it dropped to 112º F (44.4º C) and I thought it seemed really warm, at the next red light a few miles down the road, I checked the weather app on the phone, and it showed the temperature in Corrales at 108º F (42.2º C) at 17:22 hours. When I got home at 17:30 hours, the temperature was a cool 102º F ( 38.9º C) on our outside thermometer. Many of the roses were loving the heat. At sunset, the temperature had dropped to 88º F (31.1º C). There was a warm wind blowing cotton off of Resa’s Tree. I finally got a decent shot of Resa’s tree with the cotton on it, but I wasn’t able to get the blowing cotton to show up well in still photos.

Peace Rallies

We have an old Peace Rose out on the east 40 that I wasn’t sure was going to make it since it only gets water from the irrigation ditch. I noticed it was really rallying this afternoon. That remote bed, which has Color Magic, three other roses and a Dr. Huey are all rallying the best they can. I bought more soaker hoses this morning, so I cut a lot of dead canes out of the roses, and wrapped a soaker hose around all the roses in the remote bed this afternoon. I stretched a long hose over to them, and gave them a good long soak. We should be seeing a lot more fine roses from that bed as the hot, dray dog, cat, gopher and squirrel days of summer drag on.

When the assassin bug on one of the Peace Roses saw the Bazooka pointing at him, he raised his little bug arms and said “Don’t Shoot!” before I shot him. After his initial shock of staring down the barrel of the Bazooka, he took flight and buzzed me as he flew by.

Hot Day In The Hood

While the official high temperature in Albuquerque was 101ºF (38.3ºC), the temperature in the east side of the building when I left the office was 107ºF (41.7ºC). I stopped by Costco on the way home and parked in the shade under their solar panels. When I got in the car to leave, the temperature still read 107ºF. The temperature did not change until I got home and it went down to 99ºF (37.2ºC).

Black bamboo sprouting in Julie’s Giant Dr. Huey has a Japanese look to it.

Spunk posing for intermission.

Pre-sunset looking east.

Sunset looking east.

Sunset looking west.

Bazooka’s First Shasta Daisy

We have one Shasta Daisy so far this year. You can see a crab spider between the petals. Yellow and white roses tonight.

Cotton bursting on the new growth at the base of Resa’s Tree.

Pre-sunset clouds were promising.

But then by sunset, most have the clouds had dissipated with a few left on the horizon.

Three Bean Baggers

Sasha Bean Bagging.

Silver: “You’re pretty pathetic Bean Bagger, Sasha. You have to be more expressive!”

Spunk: “Both of your are bona fide, brazenly bad, boring Bean Baggers. Allow the best bona fide braggart of a Bean Bagger, moi, to show you some basic, bratty and beatifically beautiful Bean Bagging.”

Who do you think is the best Bean Bagger?

White Duck Daze

Some one’s white duck was in the irrigation ditch tonight.

I spotted a Beaver on the other side of the river.

He slithered into the water.

Swam toward me like Jaws.

He made a right turn,

Then a left turn.

Then Splashed me after I was yelling at him to splash for quite some time.

Daddy Owl

Is there a dragon in the clouds?

The Sandias with a soft pink.