Contrary to the what the photos may suggest, a Hootin’Nanny is not what you get when you cross an owl with a goat. A Hootin’Nanny, properly spelled “Hootenanny”, is Scottish for a celebration and we’re going to a hootenanny as part of the Corrales Harvest Festival — but there will be dancing, so this is one of those rare times the cameras will stay home in the safe as they pose quite a danger to other people when I’m dancing.


Orion’s Belt


Two o’clock in the morning and not a skunk, porcupine or raccoon in sight, so after turning in the irrigation water, I turned my camera toward the night sky. Photo stats — Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro 1. Support: hand held. Film speed: ISO 3200. Lens and aperture: 35mm at ƒ/1.4. Exposure: 1/4 second.

Wild, Wild Cat


Spunk was so wild this morning that he spilled Laurie’s coffee and broke her favorite mug. He didn’t just spill the coffee, either, but managed to make in explode all over the bathroom. You can see that even after we cleaned up the mess he was unrepentant, and still had a wild look in his eyes.




Portrait of a Young Woman


The flash didn’t fire when I did these photos, leaving the image files almost completely black. I pulled up the exposure and made various other adjustments in Photoshop and came out with surprisingly nice images. There is a hint of green in the hair from the under exposed image, otherwise the color came out well. This is one of the advantages to a full-frame sensor.