36 thoughts on “Common Buckeye Butterfly

    • Thanks, Lavinia! I’m not sure if we got up to 80 today. It was warm in the sun, but lots of clouds were passing overhead, and it was immediately cooler every time the sun slipped behind a cloud. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. We’ll see.

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous butterfly! I’ve never seen one colored like that, and the photos are so close and clear, it’s amazing. (It’s hard to capture photos of butterflies, I’ve tried many times with only a little success 🙂 )

    • Thanks, Janna. Butterflies can be really difficult, especially when you are trying to get photos of a particular butterfly (BTW did you know that they are flutterbyes in Old English?) One time I followed one around the property for about an hour before I got a good shot of it. In this particular case, I was in the meadow photographing cosmos and other flowers, when the butterfly flew in and started feeding. I believe it thought I was part of the scenery, because I didn’t seem to bother it at all. It turned all around and opened its wings so I got it from various perspectives. Photographing anything that flies takes a lot of patience, persistence and putting up with a lot of frustration.

  2. These! I love them. When I saw them the other day I thought I wanted to reblog them to thinking pink. JM loves them and also has some awesome photos of butterflies. I’ve never seen these but I know she would love them! Trying to cheer my friend! Thank you so much in advance. I can’t remember if you said it was ok to reblog without asking so I don’t want to unless you give me the OK? I’ll wait!

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