Jonathan Livingston

Douglas of Moorezart blog came by the hotel and we had a very nice visit. Douglas had one of the quesadillas we brought with us. Douglas lived in the Albuquerque area some years ago, and hadn’t had local fare in a long time. A seagull joined us just as Douglas was leaving and asked to try some quesadilla. I named him Jonathan Livingston. He was a very obedient seagull, and he flew over a few feet away when I asked him to so I could put a piece of quesadilla on the rail (I don’t trust large, wild birds to get really close to them). Then he would walk back along the rail and grab the morsel with his beak, knocking the pieces on the ground a couple of times. Since he has webbed feet, he couldn’t pick up the morsels with his feet and hold it in his claws while he ate it like parrots do.

Since we’ve been in presentations most of the day, and are tied up with happenings until well after 10:00 pm tonight, I haven’t been out to do photos, but I did get the video of Jonathan Livingston.

Globe to San Diego

Giant tires, probably from mining trucks, used to stabilize the embamkment at the hotel in Globe, AZ.

We had a clear, warm day for our drive from Globe, AZ to San Diego, CA. Arizona has nice rest stops at interesting locations. California has most of their rest stops in the median between the traffic lanes on Interstate 8. They were not at very interesting locations. Therefore, I didn’t really get any good photos from rest stops in California, so the photos change from Arizona to San Diego Bay.

Mining display across from a rest stop.


Saguaro cactus and lots of blue sky.
Saguaro down.


A rugged range in the middle of nowhere.
Lola in San Diego Bay.
Downtown San Diego from the top of San Diego Bay.
Moon behind three palms.