Green Eyed Lady

Green Eyed Lady. Lovely Lady.

Clouds spilling over the crest of the Sandias.

Gary Grasshopper listening to a course on the New Testament while riding to and from work with me.

The Beetle is singing “I love you! Yah! Yah! Yah!”

View from the Rio Grande looking south.

Our lovely green eyed lady again.

A Crab Spider caught a Pearl Crescent butterfly.

Gary Grasshopper enjoying being ran through the gears

The sunset looking east.

The sun trying to break through the clouds in the west.

Frumpy Man

Frumpy Man
Music: Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Lyrics: Timothy Price

He had black mittens
And lawn chairs by the shore
All made of rattan
In red crushed velour

Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was
Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was

White face, skin weathered
A few hairs on his head
Drove an AMC Pacer
In autumn red

Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was
Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was

He liked to roast smores
On a candle while he sang
No honor, no glory
No women what a shame

Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was
Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was

With a Bud Light beside him
He brooded as he sighed
A gutter-ball had cursed him
Into last place, he did slide

Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was
Ooooh, what a frumpy man he was

Spider Lilies Post Strawberry Moon

Thunderstorm with rain that never reaches the ground.

What we call Spider Lilies finally decided to bloom after getting watered on Thursday

I missed the Strawberry Moon on Thursday night because of clouds and trees. Last night we were still at Laurie’s parents’ house a little after 10 pm when the post Strawberry Strawberry Moon rose.

Water & Cotton

Our Majordomo texted me last night that there would be water to irrigate in the morning. I went out at dawn, but there was not much water in the irrigation ditch. There was a lot of sticks and cotton floating on top of the water. Therefore, I didn’t want to open my gate before the water was flowing over the main gate because a lot of the debris would clog up my culverts and ditches. I texted the Majordomo and asked when the water would be let in, and told him I’d be back home around 11:00 am to let in the water if it had come up by then.

I went to work, and we moved the remaining file cabinets, shelf units, tables and cabinets out of the downtown office. We put some of it in the storage room on the south end of the building, and loaded the rest of it into 4 pickup trucks and delivered shelves to a church in northeast Albuquerque, and then I delivered file cabinets and desks to our pharmacy in Corrales on my way home. At 10:30 am the Majordomo texted me that the water was up. I thought I would make it to Corrales by 11:00 am, but then an employee at the market asked if we had more desks. We did, so he got his truck and we loaded it with 3 file cabinets and two desks. I wasn’t going to make it home by 11:00 am, so I called Laurie and had her open out gate and get the water started.

Speaking of cotton, not only does it cling to plants and other things, it clogs up our swamp cooler. The above photos are the swamp cooler all clogged up again after I had cleaned it on Monday afternoon. I have to pull out the pads and brush the cotton off of them, and then I have to use a hose to spay the cotton out of the vents in the panels that hold the pads.

Around 1:00 pm, storm clouds were building up. It started raining around 3:00 pm.

This native bee was working the Shasta Daisies. The insects really love the Shasta Daisies while they are in bloom.

The rain stopped around 4:30 pm. I went out to shut down the irrigation gate at 5:00 pm and the storm clouds were breaking up.

A Pearl Crescent butterfly was also enjoying the Shasta Daisies this afternoon.

A yellow lily started blooming this afternoon.

While I was checking the progress of the irrigation water, I noticed we had one yellow Bing Cherry on our cherry tree. That’s the biggest harvest I’ve had in years. I think we had four or five cherries in 2018. The cherry was delicious.

Pre-sunset at around 8:00 pm looking southeast. Resa’s tree lighted on the left, Dale’s Peach tree in front (it has peaches), and Rebecca’s Black Bamboo patch with yellow tops in the middle right background.

Closer to sunset around 8:15 pm east/southeast. From left to right: Tiffany’s tree, Gabriela’s tree, Gigi’s tree, Teagan’s trees behind Gigi’s tree, and Susan’s tree.

Sunset looking west.

Tiny Toads

When we had Jake out at the beach on Father’s Day, there were a lot of tiny toads playing on the beach as well.

Click on the above gallery to enlarge the tiny toads.

Threatening clouds blew in to cover the moon and turn the sunset gray.

Green, Blue, Red/Orange, Black

Gary, the green Dragonfly, is a big fan of The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers’ “Green Jeans“.

Bob, the blue Dragonfly, is a big fan of Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)“.

Bartholomew the Bee Assassin Bug is a fan of The Fools’ “Psycho Chicken“.

Larry the Large Wasp likes Black Sabbath’s “W.A.S.P.

Intermission: The Shasta Daisies like Eric Heatherly’s version of “Flowers On The Wall“.

Darlene Damselfly: “Ciao Paparazzo! I like Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi“.

Chubby Checkered Beetle all covered in pollen and thinking about “The Fly“.