Spider Lilies Post Strawberry Moon

Thunderstorm with rain that never reaches the ground.

What we call Spider Lilies finally decided to bloom after getting watered on Thursday

I missed the Strawberry Moon on Thursday night because of clouds and trees. Last night we were still at Laurie’s parents’ house a little after 10 pm when the post Strawberry Strawberry Moon rose.

47 thoughts on “Spider Lilies Post Strawberry Moon

  1. WOW!! Spectacular photos. Water – the most precious gift! We continue to be under a heat wave in Vancouver, without any cloud or hint of rain.

    • Laurie’s sisters in Seattle are suffereing. I hope you find creative ways to keep cool. Thanks, Rebecca.

      • The heat is heating up. YIKES!! Staying indoors and drinking lots of water. All the fans and air conditioners that were fully stocked in stores last week have been cleared. Yes – Seattle is sharing our heat so hope Laurie’s sisters are finding ways to keep cool, too. This is from an Edmonton article: “Meanwhile, the U.S. Pacific Northwest is also facing a historic heat through Washington and Oregon, with temperatures in many areas expected to top out up to 30 degrees above normal. The extreme heat is expected to break all-time records in cities and towns from eastern Washington state to Portland and southern Oregon as concerns mounted about wildfire risk in a region that is already experiencing a crippling and extended drought.”https://www.ctvnews.ca/climate-and-environment/headshaking-heat-wave-set-to-shatter-high-temperature-records-in-western-canada-1.5487110.

      • And here we are cool and cloudy with a little rain. 70 degrees right now.

    • Thanks, Heidi. The spider lilies have interesting shapes. The skies never fail to entertain and wow us.

    • They nice long pedals that make all kinds of interesting shapes. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. The theme of ‘light’ hits me with these, especially the single spider lily with the sunlight filtering through…and…the moon ‘next to’ the outdoor pole light. Fascinating juxtaposition, Tim.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. Spider lilies are especially good for backlit shots. I liked the moon and light looking the same.

    • Hi Resa. Yes the rain simply evaporates before it hits the ground. We are getting real rain today. It’s nice and cool.

      • Ahh… it’s raining here, too. However, it’s not cooling things down It’s creating a sauna bath!

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