Christo Style Construction


When I saw the old Audio Express building that is being remodeled into some kind of restaurant all wrapped up in plastic, I thought of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who are well known for wrapping islands, trees, rivers and creating other large wrapped environmental installations. We heard Christo speak many years ago when we were art students. I don’t remember much of what his talk was on, but I’ve always been impressed with his work. The construction workers created a nice piece of art, wrapping the building out of necessity to keep the fresh plaster from freezing. They didn’t understand what I saw in the plastic wrapped building that was worth photographing.

On the other side of the parking lot, the strings of red chiles and surroundings had a “wrapped” look of their own through my telephoto lens.






Smile for the Camera


I find it interesting how digital cameras, and using cell phones to do photos, has changed the way people photograph each other, the attractions they visit, and themselves. I took most of these photos of people photographing each other, or taking a break from photographing each other, at the Musée d’Orsay.  I like the photos in B&W because they have a 60’s look with people using modern digital cameras and phones to do their photos and then check out the results.









Kitties in the Snow


All of our kitties, with the exception of Diné, made at least one attempt to go out in the snow. Rosencrantz was the most rambunctious snow kitty, making several laps around the house throughout the day, running wild, and kicking up snow with his kitty heels. Guildenstern made it to the edge of the steps before making a u-turn and coming back inside. Mama Manx got to the bottom of the steps before she decided to come back up the steps and bring a few snow flakes inside.









Winter’s Upon Us


Winter is upon us with cold temperatures, snow flurries, cloudy skies and gray light. The Sandias have been covered with clouds most of the day, and even with the thermostat set at 70 F (21 C), it felt cold in the house all day without the sun shinning through the windows.