Too Much Kitty Coffee

Silver: “Hey there Paparazzo! You’re bothering me, boy!”

“I think I had too much kitty coffee this morning!”

Intermission: “Watcha see out there, Spunk?” “Well Marble, there is supposed to be a comet. And it supposedly has a tail! Do you think it’s a kitty comet?” “If it’s Neowise, it has to be a kitty comet. Otherwise, it couldn’t be ‘wise’ now could it?”

“Wired with a weird, wacko paparazzo bothering me. What’s a poor cat to do?”

“Get outta my face or face the freaking consequences!”

Wild Summer Skies

Looking southeast from South Bend

When I was out at Beaver Point just before sunset last night, I could see the clouds were really wild looking to the southeast, and I would get much better photos from the south bend about a quarter-mile downriver. I hightailed it south and along the way heard the owlets peeping in the cottonwoods between 4th of July Point and South Bend, but I could not see them. I got down to South Bend in time for some spectacularly wild clouds with the half-moon hanging behind them. On my way backed I looked for the owlets, but could not find them in the trees. There was still a lot of color in the clouds when I got to the Tangle Heart Tree, but the color had pretty much subsided to the east when I got to Shehanne’s tree on my way back home.

Looking east over the Rio Grande a the Sandias from South Bend.

A half-moon peaking through the Tangle-Heart Tree.

The last of the color looking north from the Tangle Heart Tree. Can you see a face in the clouds?

Shehanne’s Tree in front of a fading eastern sky.


Cottonwoods Among The Jetties

The Jetties, also called Jetti Jacks, where placed along the river in the 1930s where the bosque has since grown up. The jettise are one of many flood control projects that have been installed along the Rio Grande. When I was young, there were rows of jettis the ran from the Levee to the river about every 1000 feet or so. Most of the jetties have been removed over the past 30 years, but there are some that have been left tangled up in cottonwoods that grew up along the line of jetties.