Cottonwoods Among The Jetties

The Jetties, also called Jetti Jacks, where placed along the river in the 1930s where the bosque has since grown up. The jettise are one of many flood control projects that have been installed along the Rio Grande. When I was young, there were rows of jettis the ran from the Levee to the river about every 1000 feet or so. Most of the jetties have been removed over the past 30 years, but there are some that have been left tangled up in cottonwoods that grew up along the line of jetties.

18 thoughts on “Cottonwoods Among The Jetties

  1. I think I remember a post of yours from a long time ago with a bunch of jetties. It was artistic and unusual.

    The bosque houses many wonderful creatures, which you have shown us through your lens. The old cottonwoods are magnificent trees.

    • I’ve posted photos of a sculpture made of Jetties. I’ve probably posted other photos of jetties. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. I don’t get how the jetties controlled floods? They look like flat strips of metal.
    Well, it’s interesting, as all get out.

    • The jetties are angle iron and had cables running through them. The way jetties are supposed to work is that the jax shape and cables act as energy dissipators to catch debris and slow the water so the silt will sink to the bottom. The less debris, silt, and energy the flood waters have the less destructive they are. Does that make any sense? Thanks, Resa.

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