Happy New Year!

New Year’s Timku
Happy twenty-three
Hope you keep your flame burning
Prosper and be free

New Year’s Spunku
Will things go to pot?
Black-eyed peas will help us through
See in twenty-three

The last moon of 2022

Cranes flying on the Crow highway

Landing gears down

Large bird in the clouds

Moon, clouds, contrails, and Tangle Heart Tree


Roadrunner in the clouds

Fuzzy moon over Shey’s tree

Crossing beaks for a great 2023

December Moon & Mars

December Moon hung in the clouds with Mars
Reminiscing about times gone by
Mars recounted all the wars, almost too many to count
The Moon thought of peaceful times, few and far between
“Inflicting misery and woe are the ways of men,” reminded Mars
“Nothing can be done!”
December Moon hung alone in the trees at dawn
“My peace be with you!”