Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Woke Spunk from a Dream
Looked at me with squinted eyes
Let sleeping cats lie

The Strawberry Moon at 98.9% full last night. It will be 99.9% full tonight, but it will rise after 10:00 PM.

Do you see the bees?

Venus setting as the moon rose.


Pretty Petunias


After spending the long weekend cutting dead canes out of rose bushes and dead branches off of trees, cutting back the black bamboo, clearing out dried foliage from last year, and cleaning up the deck, we went out and bought various flowers in containers for the deck, which included hearty and speckled petunias.

Gentlemen Stay Out

Contrails piercing clouds

Could not agree more
When it’s a women’s restroom
Gentlemen stay out

Celina took a photo of the signs on the door of a women’s restroom at a school in northern New Mexico and pinned it on a bulletin board at the office.

A UFO moving through space worms.