Into the Eternal Light



As summer passes into fall, the frost turns green to brown, laying bare the tangled morning glories that sprung forth with new life each morning, another one has passed from among the living into the eternal light. A friend who we hadn’t seen for years, but still a friend nonetheless. Our prayers go out to her family.






Take Five



The first day we got back to Paris, a couple of guys in the apartment across the street took the opportunity of a break in the rain to make a short film on the balcony. We don’t know what they were doing, but during our two weeks in Paris, they had several of what looked like business lunches and dinners and at least one party on their balcony. Paris, France, May 2013.












Lying Around



I saw a headline that NASA was paying people $18,000 to lay in bed for 70 days. I didn’t take time to read the article, but I started thinking about how it would be impossible for me to lie in bed for 70 days when I can hardly lie down for 20 minutes to ice the incision from surgery this morning.

We checked in at the hospital at 6:00 am, and got back home about 11:00 am from getting a couple of hernias fixed. I have a pain pump hanging off my shirt, have had a bird on my shoulder most of the afternoon, a bag of ice in my pants off and on, and a gathering of big, fat, bad kitties temping me to pick them up. The pain pump is filled with a local anesthetic that will keep the surgical area numb for a couple days to enhance healing, and reduce the need for narcotic pain killers. I haven’t had any pain so far, and so I have been feeling rather perky. When I do lie around on the deck, I watch and photograph critters, clouds and the the occasional Osprey that flies by.