Bird Jokes

Between rains

“Did you hear about the Cormorant who was picking at beak boogers with a claw on his foot? He ‘clawboogered’ himself!”


“Wait a minute. That’s not funny!”

“Okay already! Quit looking at me like that. It was just a stupid joke!”

See no fishies. Hear no fishies. Eat no fishies.

There Unseen

4:17 am in the falling rain. There’s a planetary alignment behind those clouds.

I looked to the west and saw Wile E. Coyote laughing at me.

4:45 am. I can see the moon, Mars and Jupiter.

The alignment if there were no mountains, trees or clouds.

Esatern sky at 4:51 am, 5:07 am, and 6:30 am.

A Shasta Daisy Galaxy

A bored Buddy in a meeting this morning.

Water like chocolate in the acequia madre.