54 thoughts on “BSDP

  1. It took me a little while to find a squirrel and now I think maybe I see two.?
    I enjoyed all the images.

    • A real squirrel. The pTer is around a lot. I have posted lots of photos of him over the years. Thanks, Cindy.

      • wild.. I had to zoom a lot to make high nor hear out of him. I saw an egret today so calm and didn’t move a muscle and I was so excited to take a pic but was with a client… by the time we got there he was gone. 😒 I got the murky green bottomed carp tho and a turtle who stuck his head up and said hi so there’s that.. 😹 You’re welcome! 😘

      • I saw egrets flying by. No carp or turtles. I heard the bullfrogs calling.

    • The squirrels love that pile of cut up cottonwoods. It’s a fun playground and safe. Thanks, Michele.

      • Lol. We got them in the gardens here. They’ve got everyone convinced they are THEIR squirrels. The mums and dads bring the babies and show them round the squirrel boxes.

      • There squirrels used to come up to the bay windows in the kitchen and tease the cats. I haven’t seen them do that lately. I have seen the squirrels climbing around in the rose bushes to get the rosehips. They are squirrely little critters.

      • It’s quite interesting here cos this whole bit was once where all the rich gits lived and so there’s lots of mansions with huge grounds. Some of the grounds are like small estates cos there’s houses that have been built in them. ( We are at the poor end of this spectrum, never would have got much more than a garden shed here, had this house not been neglected btw.) But also the 60s/70s/80s in fact all the new builds at the back of this bit were built on countryside. So we have a ton of wildlife goes about. This includes foxes who use traffic crossings. Yeah.

  2. Beautiful photos, Tim! I almost missed the squirrel’s nose and foot sticking out from behind that log. He blend in perfectly!

    Turtles – have you seen any lately? Would love to see your native turtles.

    • I have not seen turtles lately, but I haven’t been looking, either. I’m sure I’ll see some before summer is over. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Hahaha! You didn’t knows the nose shot would get you. It’s a little like the Spanish Inquisition. You never expect a nose you kown.

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