October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While this display is appropriate for breast cancer awareness month, in reality, it’s the aftermath of an office baby shower for a guy. Also appropriate, in my personal opinion. One of our staff member’s wife is having a baby soon (the due date is my birthday), so our thoughtful staff gave him a baby shower. I’m a curmudgeon, therefore, I would never think of doing something thoughtful like giving a guy a baby shower. I would certainly consider giving him a cigar, but I think cigars are forboden these days.

When I asked the office manager about the two balloons, she said she thought there were originally three balloons. When I got back from the eye doctor, a third balloon had attached itself to the glass.

There are several more balloons taped along the bottom edge of the glass on the outside of the cubicle. In what I assume was a baby shower game, each staff member wrote their guesses of the weight of the baby on the balloons. The staff and the balloons patiently wait for the weight of the newborn.

If anyone is curious about the silver bowling pin with AIA on it, the father-to-be is an excellent bowler and he with a few other staff members won The American Institute of Architects bowling tournament earlier in the year.

Balloons Balloons Balloons

Proto-dawn sky with clouds and stars Sirius is in line with Orian’s Belt.

Pre-dawn the clouds had gathered, and I surprised a skunk. I thought he might have got me a little, but when I asked our office manager if I smelled like a skunk, she said no. Although, another staff member came in a bit skunked after her dog got sprayed.

Lots of balloons up this morning. Click on any photo in the gallery to enlarge it and then you can click through the slideshow.

Office View

Pre-Dawn Sky

I had to take a car in for repair and go to a meeting first thing this morning, so I had to photograph the balloons on my way out of the office. Our office building is close to the balloon field.