Conjunction — Jupiter & Venus

Jupiter and Venus were sitting side by side as they rose a little after 5:00 am. Mars and Saturn were in line with Venus spread out at almost equidistance between each. The sky was smokey from forest fires, and Saturn was in the smoke lit up by the light pollution from the city.

Jupiter with two moons showing. Venus to the right.

Mars is a red point of light.

I was able to get the rings of Saturn through the light pollution and smoke. Saturn does not have good visibility right now. In June it will have excellent visibility, so I should get much better photos of the rings in June.

The early morning sky viewed directly above me.

I swept the floors this morning. Glenda thought I was making room for her to bring in more loads of dirt, which she did.

Mama Owl was perched on the edge of the nest at 4:30 this afternoon before she flew off in search of food. An owlet waited patiently.

Black Phoebe Snow

A Black Pheobe was bopping around close to me tonight. It’s a sassing little bird. I was talking to a friend on the ditch bank when it flew between us, giving both of us a buzz. I decided to name it Snow. Really original, I know.

Guess What’s 4 Dinner

Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn for breakfast.

Jupiter, Venus, and Mars

I wonder what we are having for dinner?

Oh boy! Mama brought us a gopher!

Mama got in the nest and started feeding the owlets bits of gopher.

The biggest owlet climbed out of the nest while Mama still fed gopher bits to the other owlets.

Buddy is Wowled out. But there is still more to go, Buddy!

The next owlet got out of the nest, Mama fed the littlest owlet a few more gopher bits then she got out of the nest.

All three watched the smallest owlet gnaw on the gopher before Mama flew off to look for another gopher.

The two older owlets hung out on the edge for a while before one jumped back into the nest. The third owlet pondered the nest. It was getting dark when the feeding frenzy started, is was dark while the third owlet pondered, so we left it looking at its sibling.

Afternoon clouds looking southeast.

Looking west just before sundown.

Conjunction? Not!

Behind all those clouds Jupiter and Venus were conjoining. It’s supposed to be clear on Friday morning for the second conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Since I couldn’t see the conjunction, I was hoping for a colorful sunrise, but no such luck.

While it might look like Daisy Duck was gabbing to Donald Duck, she was chasing insects.

A very large wasp ran up to me and then turned and retreated when I moved my foot.

Daisy and Donald kept flying by us and landing ahead of us.

Mama Owl, Tres Wowlets, and Daddy Owl.

Donald and Daisy otra vez.

Clouds over Resa’s, Tiffany’s, and Gigi’s trees in the late afternoon.

Spunk Eyes

Jupiter, Venus, Crescent Moon, and Mars


Spunk eyes me at bedtime. A nurse asked me if I feel safe at home during a pre-doctor visit screening yesterday. I told her “Yes!” I might have lied to her coming to think about it.


Owlets after sunset. The second photo is of Mama Owl blinking a moment before she took flight. As you can see there are three little faces.

Parade of Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn lined up early this morning. Uranus was not visible from Albuquerque, which is just fine. Mercury rises too late to be seen in the morning.

Smoke and Ice at a medieval dinner last night.

Butterfly on the bank in the late afternoon

Mama Owl, a Wowlet, and Daddy Owl late this afternoon.

Lining Up

Morning sky at 5:30 am




Mama Owl napping. Daddy Owl on the lookout for dinner.

Mama Owl back at the nest as it’s getting dark. Looks like three little fuzzy heads in the nest.

Mama Owl flying off in search of food.

A wowlet looking at me while one of the other wowlets is stretching its wings.