Conjunction? Not!

Behind all those clouds Jupiter and Venus were conjoining. It’s supposed to be clear on Friday morning for the second conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Since I couldn’t see the conjunction, I was hoping for a colorful sunrise, but no such luck.

While it might look like Daisy Duck was gabbing to Donald Duck, she was chasing insects.

A very large wasp ran up to me and then turned and retreated when I moved my foot.

Daisy and Donald kept flying by us and landing ahead of us.

Mama Owl, Tres Wowlets, and Daddy Owl.

Donald and Daisy otra vez.

Clouds over Resa’s, Tiffany’s, and Gigi’s trees in the late afternoon.

50 thoughts on “Conjunction? Not!

    • They are so delightful these two you called Daisy and Donald.
      When i visit my hometown I always make it my business to visit these family worriers and warriors. They can get their hair in a tizz for the little ones.
      The special take must be Waspy and Towhee looking all bespoke this morning.
      Owls and the Trees have a wake and woke of their own.

      • Thanks, abvr. The ducks were being very silly and entertaining. Waspy is a good name for the wasp.

      • Lol, I can well imagine. The thing is you must understand their language , so I bet you do.
        Yes, you were luck to get a shot of him in his red waistcoat.

  1. Never mind the conjunction, that’s a very dramatic sky!!! The color of the wasps’s wings is so beautiful, however I wouldn’t enjoy its company! 😉 Love all your feathered friends!

  2. Overcast up here this morning, and we will be at new moon by Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos. They are very peaceful to look at. The Wowls had three offspring last year too, if I remember right?

    • It was to light out to see the sliver moon this morning. I did see the planets. There were tree owlets last year. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Timothy, I always say your images are stunning and I should find another adjective to describe them, but truly…the skies and the wings on the bird and the owls–really very beautiful and stunning!

  4. You live on a nature preserve! Although, I’ve never seen a large wasp with red wings, and hope not to.

    So, we had a tree between two yards, years ago. Every morning was symphony of sparrows.
    They had to cut it down, for some reason. Then there were no birds except pigeons and grackles. No songs. For years after, a scriffly tree has been growing out of the stump. About 3 weeks ago, I started hearing birdsong in the morning. It’s not sparrow, or finch. The song is short 5 notes, and sweet.
    I haven’t seen the bird, yet, but I believe it’s living in the tree. It’s such a joy to hear birdsong in the morning.

    • Thanks Resa. Get the Merlin app from Cornell University on your phone. It’s free on the App Store. It has a Sound ID that records the birds and identifies their chirping in realtime. It’s super cool.

  5. Holy crap, is that a Tarantula Hawk Wasp!?! If so, those things are BAD news if they decide you crossed their annoyance tolerance. Not as bad as it is for Tarantulas, but you will know if they sting ya’ Came upon one of them in Arkansas and had no clue what it was so I spent a considerable amount of time waaaaay to close to it.

    • It might have been one of them there Tarantula Hawk Wasps. But it didn’t want to play. Thanks, Brian.

  6. I just love your narration between the ducks, birds and wildlife. Your sky photographs are always amazingly gorgeous Tim. I too have never seen a wasp like that before. Hopefully none of us will meet the Asian Giant Hornet. One hornet can decapitate 20 honey bees a minute. You live in a bit of a garden of eden there. I wasn’t familiar with the bird, it is a very pretty bird, reminded me of the look of some of the wood peckers we have here. Lovely post.

    • Honey bees are not very good polinators and crowd out native bees that are much better polinators. Thanks, Joni.

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