Wormhole Part Four

At the end of Wormhole Part Three, Captain Fremont was overwhelmed by El’s technology and his unbelievable stories about the future. It gets worse.

“Please sit down, Sir? I need to explain a few events that will happen in the future to put this satellite map into context,” El explained as he sat back in the chair looking at the bewildered captain.

“In the future, the USA and many other countries launch what are called satellites into orbit above the earth’s atmosphere…”

“Launch?” The captain interrupted. “How are they ‘launched’?”

“They are launched on rockets,” El answered. “Rockets become very useful beyond wars in the future. Satellites are mostly used for communications, spying, and taking pictures of the earth from space. The image you see on the screen is a picture taken by a satellite and a map put on top of the picture.”

“How did you get the picture onto the screen?” The captain asked. “I downloaded it from Google Earth…” “Google Earth? What kind of name is that? It sounds ridiculous.” The captain replied. “Indeed it does!” El answered. “Google is a search engine, and it has an app called ‘Google Earth’ that allows users to search for satellite maps all over the world in 2016.”

“You make my head spin with all the incomprehensible words you use. I do not understand all this.” The captain explained, exasperated over El’s strange vocabulary.

“I can see how difficult this is, but I don’t know how to explain this stuff in 1943 terms.” El showed frustration trying to explain concepts that the captain had never imagined. “Satellites are the result of ‘The Space Race’. In 1957, the Soviet Union will launch the first satellite into space on a rocket called ‘Sputnik’. A few years later, the Soviet Union launches the first man into space…”

“A man in Space?” The captain interrupted. “You are getting more and more unbelievable!”

“And it gets even more unbelievable,” El continues. “The USA starts trying to catch up to the Russians, and in the 1960s we send men into space and by the end of the ‘60s, we send astronauts to the moon.” The captain just shook his head in disbelief. “You are correct. What you are telling me is unbelievable. Now you are going to tell me that people can go and live on the moon in 2016?” “Ha! Ha!” El shook his head. “That’s what they were thinking in the 1960s, but the space program was cut back in the 1970s, due to civil unrest over the Vietnam war, the oil shock, and cultural and political changes from the 1960s into the 1970s. We continue developing satellites and launching them into orbit. By 2016 there are literally tons of ‘space junk’ orbiting the earth. Anyway, this map on the screen is the product of those satellites.”

El closes the image on the screen and opens another folder with photos in it. “The photo I want to show you is in this batch of photos” El explained. “Now I’m doing what we call ‘scrolling down’ through the images to find the particular photo I want to show you. Here it is.” El double-clicked on a photo of the Sandias, and the photo opened up into a larger window. “See all those towers on the Sandias? That’s what I was referring to when I told you that after I came through the wormhole, I noticed there were no towers on the Sandias.”

“I see the towers. There are so many of them. What are they for?” The captain asked.

“They include radio towers, TV towers, cell towers, and towers for wireless Internet service. KOB radio was one of the first stations to put a tower on the Crest.”

Sergeant Prescott came back in and announced that Major Pierce would be joining them shortly.

“Prescott! Come over here and look at these photographs!” Capitan Fremont commanded. Prescott walked over and looked bewildered at the screen and asked about all the towers on the Sandias.”Those are the towers he said he noticed were not on the mountains when he came through the time warp.” The captain told Prescott.

“I can’t believe the color and detail in the photograph.” Sergeant Prescott noted as he stared at the screen. “What is this ‘device’ I am looking at?” He asked.

“It’s a personal computer in the form of what we call a ‘laptop, notebook or portable computer. Specifically, this is an Apple Macbook Pro.” El explained. “You might have heard of IBM? They made one of the first personal computers, which evolved from what will be called ‘Main Frame’ computers. The closest thing you may have to a computer in 1943 would be an ‘adding machine’ I believe?”

Prescott and Fremont looked at each other “Adding machine?” Fremont said. “Do you know what that is, Prescott?”

“I think I saw them in accounting once, Sir. The accountants had machines with punch keys like a typewriter but laid out differently. I can’t say for sure if they were ‘adding machines,’ but they probably were. But thinking about them now, they were primitive compared to this ‘device’ as he calls it.”

A tall, slender man walked into the room. Prescott and Fremont turned and saluted him.
“At ease,” he told them. “What’s all this about security clearances and labs that you were talking to me on the phone about Prescott?”

“Excuse me, Sir!” El interrupted, “I can explain the security clearance issue.”

“You must be the man from the future? Prescott told me unbelievable things about you.”

“Yes, Sir! I have a lot of unbelievable things here, but more importantly, I know about what’s happening with the war effort, plus the top-secret goings-on here and in Los Alamos.”

“How do you know about Los Alamos?” Major Pierce looked very surprised at the mention of Los Alamos. “Nobody is supposed to know about Los Alamos.”

“I’ve been thrown back in time, or into a parallel universe, from 73 years in the future. I can tell you a lot about what’s going on right now and what will happen in the future up to 2016.” El explained. “But when I mentioned the labs and the Manhattan Project to Sergeant Prescott and Captain Fremont, I realized they didn’t have the proper clearances to know about them. So I asked if they knew of anyone I could talk to with a top-secret clearance, and Sergeant Prescott called you. I hope I haven’t already got them in trouble.”

“This is a precarious situation,” said Pierce. “You obviously have information that regular people, especially civilians, are not supposed to have. You are obviously not from around here by the way you talk…”

“I was born and raised in the Albuquerque area, Sir, I may be more native than any of you!” El interrupted. “It’s not that I’m not from around ‘Here’; I’m not from this time,” El explained. “The situation is this, Sir. I have the technology on that computer over there to speed up and advance the whole atomic effort. I can do many of the calculations that are painfully done by hand in seconds on that computer. Since I know what happens in the future, we can possibly change the future. Unless I can find another wormhole or time warp to put me back into the time I came from, which I have no idea how to do, I’m stuck here, and I have no problem trying to influence and change the future.”

Major Pierce stood and thought for a while. He got a look of resolve, and said, “Let’s see if we can change the future!”

The End