Porcupine Promenade

We got out late last night for a walk under the stars after putting up our third sack of green chiles, making power bars, and doing various other chores that took up all of our daylight hours. A few hundred feet before the bridge that we use to cross the clearwater ditch, I saw what looked like a weed moving ahead of us. I shined my flashlight on it, and, as I suspected, it was Porky, a very large porcupine, waddling along on its way to cross the bridge ahead of us. I pulled out my phone to see if I could get a video, but by the time I got the phone convinced to take a video in the dark, Porky had crossed the bridged and headed down into the cottonwoods between the clearwater ditch and the irrigation ditch. I managed to get a short, 15 second video of Porky waddling into the undergrowth by a large cottonwood.  I assembled and arranged a short piece of music for Porky’s promenade.

The photos below are an assortment of critters and fall colors.

Painted Sky







My green red car got the best average yet at 43.7 mpg driving 358.4 miles. I thought I was going to squeeze an average of 44 mpg out of it this tank, but one day of really heavy stop and go traffic nixed the 44 mpg average. When I filled the tank it took 8.2 gallons of gas, which when you divide 358.4 miles by 8.2 gallons you get 43.7073 mpg. Normally when I divide the miles by the gallons the mpg is a little lower than what the car’s computer calculates because of the variation on where the pump kicks off. This time the car’s computer and the pump synced.


Flag, Barf, Paper Towel


This was a curious find in the garage stairwell this morning. Someone was conscientious enough to leave a warning flag below the barf to warn people there was barf two treads above the flag. The person also left a paper towel above the barf incase you were not paying attention (like looking at your phone or the trains through the window) and stepped in the barf, you could use the paper towel to wipe the barf off of your shoes. People are rarely so considerate, especially when it comes to barfing on the stairs in the parking structure, which is quite often. Restores a bit of faith in humanity.

Chile Season & Chile Music

Chile season is upon us. We put up a sack a green chile from Wagner’s Farm here in Corrales this afternoon, and while we were waiting for the them to steam after bringing the freshly roasted sack of green chiles home, I got inspired to finish the music video for my Capsaicin Cub song. The video is meant to be funny, so some aspects are a little different.

Below is a photo of the chile guitar and chile bass I used in the video. They are built by Dean, but I had a photo of chiles printed on a skin by Curtis Osborne at The Village Printshop here in Corrales earlier in the year, and we stuck the chiles skins on the guitar and bass. I got the guitar and bass on eBay at very good prices; therefore, I was expecting to use them mainly as props. As it turned out, the guitar and bass are very good instruments. I played the chile guitar on the recording of Capsaicin Cub used in the video, but Ron Blood played the bass line using his own electric bass guitar. However, I have played the chile bass on many of the recordings I have posted this year.


After pealing, cutting off the heads, and removing the seeds and veins from the green chiles, we normally put them in quart-size Ziploc bags, flatten the bags and freeze them. Since we have a lot of recipes that take three quart-size bags of green chiles, we decided to freeze some of the chiles in gallon Ziploc bags with the same amount of green chile as three quart-size bags in each gallon bag.

Owl at Dusk

This short video is of a Great Horned Owl I saw in the tip top of Mia’s tree when we walking in the bosque at dusk last night. The video is made from “Live” photos I took of the owl with my iPhone.  If you are not familiar with Live photos, the phone takes a 2 to 3 second video in the process of taking the still photo.  I added a short piece of music I assembled from other songs I recorded a few months. The owl may have been one of the owls in the photos below.