Chile Season & Chile Music

Chile season is upon us. We put up a sack a green chile from Wagner’s Farm here in Corrales this afternoon, and while we were waiting for the them to steam after bringing the freshly roasted sack of green chiles home, I got inspired to finish the music video for my Capsaicin Cub song. The video is meant to be funny, so some aspects are a little different.

Below is a photo of the chile guitar and chile bass I used in the video. They are built by Dean, but I had a photo of chiles printed on a skin by Curtis Osborne at The Village Printshop here in Corrales earlier in the year, and we stuck the chiles skins on the guitar and bass. I got the guitar and bass on eBay at very good prices; therefore, I was expecting to use them mainly as props. As it turned out, the guitar and bass are very good instruments. I played the chile guitar on the recording of Capsaicin Cub used in the video, but Ron Blood played the bass line using his own electric bass guitar. However, I have played the chile bass on many of the recordings I have posted this year.


After pealing, cutting off the heads, and removing the seeds and veins from the green chiles, we normally put them in quart-size Ziploc bags, flatten the bags and freeze them. Since we have a lot of recipes that take three quart-size bags of green chiles, we decided to freeze some of the chiles in gallon Ziploc bags with the same amount of green chile as three quart-size bags in each gallon bag.

29 thoughts on “Chile Season & Chile Music

  1. Every time you make a video, I always think you can’t do another one as good. And each time you prove me wrong. This is great! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Robin. A sack of green chile weighs about 40 pounds and has a lot of green chiles. If we didn’t wear gloves our hands would burn for a week.

  2. It looks like one of my friends is ready to be a rock star… Love the video, Tim. It gave me a boost at 7 AM and I’m ready to make it through the day. But first I need a hot and strong espresso…

  3. Smokin’ Hot Tim! The video was worth the wait. I can’t stop laughing at how something so “Bloody Awful” could be so good. Kind of like eating Chile’s.


  4. O….M….G!
    I want into the Capsaicin Club!
    This is fabulous, Timothy!
    Luv, luv, luv!
    The vid is great, your guitar is fab and you are the most awesome!!!!!!!!!

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