Photo of the Day, Etc has moved

I moved Photo of the Day, Etc to T&L Photos at You can see my daily photos, blog and more at T&L Photos. You can subscribe to the blog via RSS. You can also follow at

To get email notifications of my daily blog posts, sign into and paste into the Search Blogs field on It will find T & L Photo: Blog. Click on the box with +Follow and tell it to send you email notifications of my blog posts.

The End


I went out early in the morning and I saw my shadow, long and lanky, as the sun rose over the Sandias. And my shadow asked: “Why do you continue to put up with it — the unwanted upgrades and continuous frustrations you’ve been having with WordPress, Adobe products and other post-processing apps that have been causing you so much trouble? You have other choices you know! You don’t have to be stuck in the same routine like Bill Murry in ‘Groundhog Day’ experiencing déjà vu all over again, and again, and again…”

My shadow had a point, and I remembered that the site I host T&L Photos on had added a blog feature as an option, which wasn’t available when I set up Photo of the Day, Etc. on WP almost five years ago. I logged on to T&L Photos, checked out the blog feature, added it to the menu, made some changes to the look and feel of the site, and I have officially moved my daily blog to

As I thought about it there are several advantages to moving my daily blog to T&L Photos, besides getting away from the constant frustrations I’ve been having with WordPress. I no longer need to process and resize my photos for WordPress. I can upload full sized jpegs to the blog on T&L Photos, which will allow me to start making the photos available for sale.  I only have to manage one site for both photos and the blog. Since T&L Photos was originally set up for both me and Laurie, long before I started blogging, she can include her sketches and paintings along with her photos.

I’ll see you on my new, old site.