The Week: March 23rd — 29th

Last week’s daily photos found some nice surprises, especially with the kittens trying their paws at film photography.  Photo of the Day, Etc for the week of March 23rd — 29th includes:

March 23rd: The kittens, especially Spunk, get into old-fashioned film photography —

March 24th: White tulips —

March 25th: Another personal record and a happy kitty —

March 26th: Spunk tries paw, tooth and nail at developing film —

March 27th: Morning Angel —

March 28th: Smoke and personal records —

March 29th: Spunk has positive reviews of his negatives —

The Week: March 16th — 22nd

This week’s Photo of the Day, Etc includes:

March 16th: A ragged butterfly —

March 17th: An El Camino on El Camino Real —

March 18th: Different views of the Sandias —

March 19th: A lonely church —

March 20th: A snuggly kitten —

March 21st: Horsing around —

March 22nd: Arco Iris —

The Week — March 9th through March 15th

This week’s Photo of the Day, Etc includes:

March 9th: A new wall —

March 10th: Irish Soda Bread and a personal record —

March 11th: Kittens playing in boxes —

March 12th: Construction progress —

March 13th: Another stair climbing record —

March 14th: Tulips —

March 15th: The old folk kitties —

A Thought on Following

Various people have noted issues with bloglovin for getting notifications for my blog posts. But I was thinking, no one needs bloglovin, RSS feeds or email notifications if they are really interested in following my blog. Simply bookmark in your favorite browser, and set a daily recurring reminder in your calendar for when you want to be reminded to check my blog. I post a blog everyday at 12:01 am without fail.