Blink Bus

Blink 182 will be in concert tomorrow at the Hard Rock Pavilion. They had three of their tour buses parked behind the office this afternoon. I guess they got in a day early to have a good time on the town before the show.

Yosemite Ben stopped by on his way back to Canton, OH to see Blink 182. Trying to adjust to civilization after spending the summer in Yosemite National Park, he was wearing a chameleon shirt that blended into the architecture. I might have missed him if it wasn’t for his pearly while smile.

As I mentioned yesterday, the new fractal was up when I left yesterday, but is was too backlit to get a good photo. I snapped a photo of it first thing this morning.

Fall is great for riding in the evening, with the exception that the sun goes down too early. The temperature was perfect tonight with a very slight wind, but I only had a 40 minutes of sunlight left when I started my ride —  I hoofed it, and rode 10.3 miles in 39 minutes. I’m going to have dig out my bike lights this weekend.

Fractal Down

They pulled down the giant fractal from the parking garage today. As we walked by, one of the workers said “Don’t ever go into the sign business boys!” The job looked pretty tedious. They put up another fractal, but it was very backlit when I left, so I’ll have to get a photo of the new fractal mañana.

ƒ_u, and ƒ_u^2

Today’s photo is of some diagrams of lattices for Laurie’s math paper that involve bumping, ƒu and ƒb (ƒ unbounded and ƒ bounded) along with functions ƒ, g and h. P’s & M’s get bumped along the lattice, and when bounded, may be a kind of mathematical S&M. The M’s & m’s don’t come in plain or peanut, but they do bump along the lattices, can be bound, and, either way, melt in your mind not in your hand. All this has to do with monoids, which can be thought of as multiplication challenged, because only addition is involved. Who said pure math was boring?

Spider & Roses

We had light frost this morning. I noticed it was 36º F on the deck just before sunrise, then coming back from lifting the gate on the ditch, I noticed light frost on the morning glories laying close to the ground.

I went out at 3:30 this morning and put down the gate on the ditch to irrigate. A spider had built another nice web off the post and wheel and the spider was hanging out in the middle of the web. I destroyed it again putting the gate down, and it turned out to be all for nothing as the water never built up enough to irrigate.

As I was going back into the house, I noticed the zipper spider was rebuilding it’s web, so I got some photos of it as it moved up and down the threads spinning a new web.

Ro and I rode out to San Felipe Pueblo and back this morning — 50 mile round-trip form our driveway. Everything was really beautiful, and I saw so many photos that I decided I’m going to get a mounting system that will allow me to strap two cameras securely on my chest and side and start riding with my cameras. That way I can get exercise and photos in the process.

Cary Grant

Stairway To Heaven

Santa In September

Santa landed on the corner of the I-25 offramp and Coal this afternoon, thanking God, proclaiming Jesus, while using Rudolph’s food dish to solicit money (Rudolph is his dog). It’s a sad comment on the state of the economy when Santa stoops to begging in Albuquerque — at least he chose a good corner to work, as traffic backs up starting at 3:30 pm as APS employees begin fleeing the Lincoln Complex.

Laurie snapped a photo of the clouds on our way in yesterday, and I got a shot of the sun setting on the volcanos on the way home tonight.  I would have like to have done a sunrise, Santa, sunset series today, but I was at the office well before sunrise this morning and didn’t get a chance to photograph it.



Floral French Kiss

This was the state of the lovers late last night as they folded themselves up and kissed each other goodbye, before they dropped off onto the deck to dry out and eventually blow away. The lives of hibiscus blooms are short and intense, but they provide beauty, sustenance and pleasure to many creatures in the 48 hour cycle from when the candle bursts from the bud to when the flowers fold back up and drop to the ground.

I had one of those days were it seemed like everything caused some kind of frustration. Even in my short, 10 mile ride tonight the wind changed, so I had a head wind in both directions.

Hibiscus in Love

We got this hibiscus for our 29th wedding anniversary on May 29, 2011. It has bloomed daily since, many times having five or six large blooms. Even with the temperatures getting down to 42º F at night, it is still blooming and still has a lot of buds.

We will cut it back and bring inside,soon. They are supposed to winter over inside from October to March in zones colder that 9 and 10 (we are zone 6 where we are). From the various guides to hibiscus I perused, they are supposed survive light frost, but I’m not sure light frost at nearly sea level is the same as light frost at 5000 feet. However, they are apparently fairly hardy for tropical plants.