Spider & Roses

We had light frost this morning. I noticed it was 36º F on the deck just before sunrise, then coming back from lifting the gate on the ditch, I noticed light frost on the morning glories laying close to the ground.

I went out at 3:30 this morning and put down the gate on the ditch to irrigate. A spider had built another nice web off the post and wheel and the spider was hanging out in the middle of the web. I destroyed it again putting the gate down, and it turned out to be all for nothing as the water never built up enough to irrigate.

As I was going back into the house, I noticed the zipper spider was rebuilding it’s web, so I got some photos of it as it moved up and down the threads spinning a new web.

Ro and I rode out to San Felipe Pueblo and back this morning — 50 mile round-trip form our driveway. Everything was really beautiful, and I saw so many photos that I decided I’m going to get a mounting system that will allow me to strap two cameras securely on my chest and side and start riding with my cameras. That way I can get exercise and photos in the process.

Cary Grant

Stairway To Heaven