Love You

Something worked right for a change. I started receiving temperature warnings from the temperature monitor in the server room this afternoon. I went to the office and discovered the coils on the compressor on the roof were clogged up with lint and feathers, so the airflow was greatly reduced. The problem was that there are two sets of coils in the unit and the lint and feathers were trapped between the coils. Therefore, I had to shut off the air-conditioner and disassemble the unit on the roof so I could separate the coils and clean the gunk out. That got the air moving around the coils again, and the server room has cooled back down. The air-conditioner would have certainly failed tonight or tomorrow and I would have had a bunch overheated servers if we didn’t have the temperature monitor in the server room.

The morning glories are trying to take over everything, so now every time I go out to photograph roses and flowers, I end up pulling morning glories off of the roses and flowers I want to photograph.

A little lizard was skitting around eating ants. It finally stopped to look at me for a moment after it took cover under the clover, and Betty Prior was poking out from under Fragrant Memory nearby.

I saw some interesting things in the blind alley along the side of the building when I was on the roof, so after I finished working on the air-conditioner I checked out the alley and noticed the interesting reserved sign on the wall. The cracked window is on the tailor’s shop along 3rd Street.

I got in 14.5 miles on my bike this morning, and managed to meet one of our neighbors up the road for the first time on my way out. They’ve only been there for three years.

Betty Prior