Blink Bus

Blink 182 will be in concert tomorrow at the Hard Rock Pavilion. They had three of their tour buses parked behind the office this afternoon. I guess they got in a day early to have a good time on the town before the show.

Yosemite Ben stopped by on his way back to Canton, OH to see Blink 182. Trying to adjust to civilization after spending the summer in Yosemite National Park, he was wearing a chameleon shirt that blended into the architecture. I might have missed him if it wasn’t for his pearly while smile.

As I mentioned yesterday, the new fractal was up when I left yesterday, but is was too backlit to get a good photo. I snapped a photo of it first thing this morning.

Fall is great for riding in the evening, with the exception that the sun goes down too early. The temperature was perfect tonight with a very slight wind, but I only had a 40 minutes of sunlight left when I started my ride —  I hoofed it, and rode 10.3 miles in 39 minutes. I’m going to have dig out my bike lights this weekend.