Old Church

I rode my bike past the cemetery this morning and I thought to myself that I should go do photos of it in the afternoon. I liked the photos of the old San Ysidro Church much better.

I’m having a lot of back, hip and joint pain. It kept me up most of the night and has continued to bother me through the day. Riding my bike helped drive away the pain for a couple of hours, and it’s not quite as bad tonight as it was last night, so I’m hoping I will be able to sleep tonight.

I finally got up around 2:00 AM this morning and looked at my email. All the stuff I get from on-line catalogs from over the years all of a sudden started driving me nuts, so I spend about an hour unsubscribing to 99% of the sites that send me ads and specials everyday, sometimes multiple specials in one day. That should cut down on the amount of email I have to trash daily.

After unsubscribing to probably 100 web catalogs that I have bought stuff from over the past 10 years, I revamped http://www.tandlphotos.com. I went back to bed about 5:00, but still couldn’t sleep and finally got up at 7:00 and started cat-herding and other chores.