Breakfast on the Run


As there is a lot of chance on the outcome of drive-by photos — my camera focused on the buildings instead of the cyclist eating a breakfast burrito while peddling into oncoming traffic on 2nd Street. He was a good rider — he held a straight line as he peddled along with no hands. He seemed to be an interesting character and fashion statement, as well, with his dreadlocks coiled up on top of his head, full beard, bandana around is neck tucked into a dark hoodie, messenger bag, dirty kakis, and cool shades.

Speeds in B&W


As I pulled into a parking space in Laurie’s red Mazda Speed 3, I noticed a black Speed 3 about the same year parked on the edge of the lot. When I came out of the store, there was a later model white Speed 3 parked in front of the black one.  Mazda Speed 3s are not common, yet there were Speeds in black and white, and I was driving a red one.

Cat Games


While I was playing with Rosencrantz by the end of the bed, Guildenstern walked up to the edge of the bed and grabbed the stick out of my hand. He held it there while Rosencrantz watched for him to move it. When Guildenstern didn’t wiggle the string, Rosencrantz looked up at him like “Are you going to do something?” At which point Guildenstern attempted to wiggle the string, but the pole dropped from his thumbless paws. He grabbed for it, but it finally ended up on the floor.





White Viper


A white Dodge Viper was parked on the edge of the parking lot at Lowe’s. This one could be a 2012 model — Dodge changed the front end style in the 2013 and 2014 models. One writeup said the most desirable feature of a Viper is the 500 horsepower V10 engine.






Manx in Mulch


I had the catio closed while I painted the floor, so Mama Manx took advantage of the sunny day to go out and have a roll in the mulch. After a few rolls, she paused to yawn, and then acted embarrassed about the yawn by putting her paw over her face. When she finished rolling in the mulch, she nestled into a dried catnip for a catnap.














Gardening didn’t get off to a very good start today — especially after the pick axe went limp on Laurie. Apparently it couldn’t get excited over a Viking wearing coordinated, sissy pink sweats and pink fuzzy slippers in the garden.  When a sales person at Lowe’s asked me what I was looking for, I answered “Do you have Viagra for tools?”  I took his blank stare as “No!” and left him puzzling over my question while I finished picking out paint for the catio floor.