Retro Tech


In our reorganization, Laurie pulled out a lot of old equipment. This 4th Generation iPod and DLO iBoom are a couple of the gems we’ve had around for awhile because they are now obsolete for our purposes because we have newer computers and iPhones. While the Gen 4 iPod and iBoom are only 10 years old, they might as well be 100. The iPod/iBoom combination produces fine, loud audio, and has a nice retro tech look, but while Gen 5 and newer iPods and iPhones up to the iPhone 5 will plug into the dock on the iBoom, they will not play. I suspect they don’t have enough power to drive the system. The Gen 4 iPod is thick, clunky and power hungry compared to the thin, more elegant iPod touches and iPhones. So these classic pieces are now a retro tech couple, united until death does them part.