¡Hace Calor!

The forecast for Corrales was for 105º F (40.6º C). Our thermometer, which was in the shade at 16:18, showed 103.9º F (39.95ºF). The weather app on my phone showed 106º F (41.1º C) at 16:24. The air was dry at 17% humidity outside. It was hot and dry enough that the water feed into our evaporative air-conditioner could not keep up with the evaporation rate. The water level would fall below the pump’s inlet, so it could not pump water up to the pads until the water filled the base back up enough for the pump to suck up water and send it to the pads, where the water would evaporate quickly, and the water level would fall below the pump’s inlet again. If the water wouldn’t have been evaporating faster than the water filling the base of the cooler, the temperature in the house would have been 5 to 10 degrees cooler.

So what do the kitties do when the temperature is over 100º F outside? They lie around inside where the temperature 22 degrees cooler than outside.

Sasha cooling off on the base of the treadmill.

Marble stretched on the box on the table on the treadmill.

Loki giving me that “You’re bothering me boy!” look on the self in front of the treadmill.

Loki ignoring the paparazzo to concentrate on an electrifyingly cool nap.

Spunk discovered that lying in a small box in front of the cooler increased the airflow.

Silver in his favorite box on the table.

Silver Sleeping

Silver’s tail almost crept away from him while he was sleeping.

His tail slipped back into place as Spunk entered the scene.

Silver was not sure what Spunk was up to.

Silver seemed to think it was safe to get more shuteye once Spunk settled in.

Silver’s not sure of Loki’s intentions.

The Boxing Match

Loki’s full-faced tail hanger

Loki and Silver challenged Spunk to a boxing match. You all can decide the winner.

Spunk pulls a prolifically cool tucked tail profile to perplex Loki and Silver

Sliver tags in with the required four feet in the box

But then he falls into a full-faced, three-pawed tail hanger

Loki pulls a three-quarter PO’d-look profile with tail hanger

Spunk put on his full-faced Spunk-eyes with tucked tail look

Note to Herman: I assume you noticed the PreSonus Iris E3.5 BT speakers box in the background. When I was ordering a new backup drive, Amazon gave me a gift card which was enough to cover those near-field monitors I had been eyeing for a while. They sound great and reproduce sound super accurately.

Lola: 1/1/2009 – 6/2/2020

I would wake up every morning with Lola lying on my chest smiling at me and purring.

I brought Lola home to a full moon rising over the Sandias on April 3, 2015. I buried Lola at sunrise this morning June 3, 2020. We had five wonderful years with Lola. Lola was doing the best she could with her rheumatoid arthritis, and we were doing the best we could treating her with steroids and Gabapentin, but she succumbed peacefully last night.


Lola originally belonged to our neighbor. They got her when she was about a year old in 2010. Lola used to spend a lot of time at our house because the neighbors had dogs that bullied her, and our neighbor’s didn’t like cats as much as dogs. We ended up taking Lola after our neighbor’s moved to New Zealand. Moving in with us was a dream come true for Lola.

Lola helping me with cleanup after the raccoons ransacked our outdoor kitchen in 2011.

Lola was always a Catzilla type cat. She never liked other cats much, but she loved people. https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2015/4/catzilla

Lola was a really good sport and a good kitty model. She actually seemed to like my limp celery on cats project. https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/12/lola-loves-limp-celery

She was often surprised by Spunk’s magic tricks: https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/5/spunk-magic

We really miss Lola. Rest in peace Lola.

Feline Matchmaking

Resa, who has the Art Gowns blog, and Spunk have had a thing going for a while now. When I posted The Persistence of Spunkery a couple of weeks ago, Holly and Marina got confused and thought that Resa’s cat Jeep* and Spunk had a thing going. With the inspiration from Holly and Marina, and collaboration with Resa, I wrote a song about our feline matchmaking and creating a modern, virtual, long-distance romance during these times of Covid cooties between Jeep and Spunk.

Feline Matchmaking
Music & Lyrics by Timothy Price
Inspired by Holly and Marina
Collaboration between Resa and Timothy

Can we have long-distance love
For kitties locked down, locked in, Zoomed?

Jeep’s up north to the east
Spunk’s down south to the west

Jeep says meuw, not meow
Spunk says mew followed by a growl

Jeep is four dimensions in three
Spunk’s dimensions? Egyptian eyes
Jeep is a sweet girly whirly
Spunk has his destructive manly ways

Girly/Manly ways attract
Virtual romance for a matter-of-fact

Feline matchmaking during Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling, rubbing screens
Jeep and Spunk have hit the scene

Virtual love and Covid Cooties
Modern romance oh so beauti…
Full of screen-time Zoom Zoom Zoomed

Feline matchmaking, Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling, rubbing screens
Jeep and Spunk have hit the scene

*Jeep is named after Eugene the Jeep in the Popeye comic strip[1]. The vehicle we know of as a Jeep was also named after Eugene the Jeep by soldiers during WWII who thought the Willys MB light utility vehicle was “small, able to move between dimensions and could solve seemingly impossible problems”[2].