Spunk Vegging

“Oh! Yes! Veggies. Can I have some?”

Spunk likes veggies. Especially string beans. He plays with them and eats them.

Spunk pushes the lid aside to see if he can sneak a string bean.

“Hmmm! What do I want? How about a string bean?”

“Uhm! Paparazzo! Did you know these veggies are still cold?”

I hadn’t lit the burner before Spunk decided to try and sneak a string bean.

Spunk and a Kitten’s Tail

Spunk was helping me update Acronymphomania for YouTube. The kittens were watching as old cranky Spunk walked through the bathroom into the bedroom. Gwendolyn is having a good time playing with her tail on the bed.

The music is played on the second guitar I made with a One-Eyed woman by Resa. I used a Les Paul style with two P90 pickups for this guitar. It looks great, sounds great, feels great, and plays really well.

Sorry Single Saturday

Spunk enjoying the box our new microwave came in. Can you find the Paparazzo?

I had a busy day and got home late, so I had to post a sorry single photo quite quickly. We don’t go to Costco very often these days, but when we do, the dance room ends up filled with boxes from Costo, that add to boxes from Amazon and other deliveries. The cats are in box heaven until I break down the boxes for recycling. As I pile up broken-down boxes, the cats lie on the pile in protest — kitty box huggers, like tree huggers, trying to keep me from taking out the boxes. I assure the kitties there will be more boxes, as I pick up the pile and take them out. The kitties have favorite boxes that I never break down and taken out because the kitties play and play and play on them and shredded them into pieces until the boxes are no more. They especially like guitar boxes for some reason.

Tumultuous Kittens

Glenda and Gwendolyn are 16 weeks old now. They had a ride to the vet this morning to get the booster shots. They are pretty good passengers knowing what cool cats they are riding in a Mazda MX-5.

The latest video of the kittens is accompanied by me playing the guitar I finally finished with a painting named Tumultuous by Tiffany Arp-Daleo on the body and headstock. I’ve been working on this guitar for about three months.

I used a Strat-style body with two colorful Humbucker pickups instead of the three single-coil pickups common to Strat-style guitars. I wired the pickups with a five-way switch. The top, first position on the switch in the neck pickup (both coils). The second position is a single-coil of the two coils in the neck pickup. The middle (third) position is both pickups together with all four coils. The fourth position is a single coil of the bridge pickup, and the bottom (fifth) position is both coils of the bridge pickup.

I got some nice, interesting sounds out of the guitar in the audio recording below. I used the same bass and drum tracks with different effects than I used for the recording in the video. The photos below show the guitar, the body, and a closeup of Tiffany’s signature.