Saved From Hell’s Fire Rhyme

Miss Mousie (House Mouse, Mus musculus) in our grill in her nest of pink insulation after I had removed her nest and five tiny mouselettes so I could use the grill. She and her mouselettes were lucky the insulation kept the third burner from lighting before I saw her nest of insulation and turned off the other two burners.

Little Miss Mousie faced the flames of hell
Under cover of an accommodating grill
The third burner it didn’t light
Covered in insulation she stole in the night
Mouselettes were lucky they were not well done
As I gathered them up one by one

I moved them to a waiting pan
With pink insulation she had on hand
I put them in a safe place well hidden
While I grilled the thighs of a Costco chicken
Cleaned the grill shut off the gas
With the mouselettes tucked deep in the grass

I put things in order, went in for the night
I fed the cats, I turned out the lights
When morning came I wasn’t thrilled
To find that Little Miss Mousie was back in the grill.

Silver: “You saved mouselettes instead of grilling them for me? What kind of low life, pathetic, paparazzo, loser of a cat herder are you, anyway?”

Me: “I’m not going to murder innocent little mouselettes who you wouldn’t eat, anyway! Besides, Shey’s Dudes would never forgive me.”

Silver: “Well I think I’m insultated you morbid, mouselette mothering Monothelite!”

Me: “Do you mean ‘Philistine’? I’ve never heard of insulting anyone by calling him a ‘Monothelite’ other than by you completing an alliteration!

Silver: “Are you saying I’m ‘alliterate’? Now I’m doubly instultated! You profligate, pink, pasty skinned prelate of Peromyscus!”

Me: “OK! You’re not ‘alliterate’! BTW, while on the subject of morbid mothering, Silver, the last rather large mouse you carried in the house from the catio like it was a wee little kitten is still hanging out under the stove in the kitchen.”

Silver: “I thought that was a gopher? My bad!”

Sasha, Spunk, Roses, Gwendolyn, Sunset

I brought my guitar stool out into the dance room for Laurie to try it out to see what height stool we needed to order for her to use at school. Sasha was really digging on it so I left it out for her to hangout on. But then Spunk couldn’t resist, and started eating the stool. So now there are several torn places on the seat. Spunk has to be one of the most destructive cats I have ever known.

“Whaddya talking about? Who? Moi? Me! ¿Me? Fi? Mise? Μου? Mij? Mir? मैं? Мне? Resa’s sweet little ‘Spunky Poo💋’? Do I look the the type who would eat a guitar stool?” YES!!!!!

“Oh wow, man! Like there’s some really heavy hallucinogens in that catnip! It’s like I can see strawberry catnip fields forever!”

I thought there would be a really good, colorful sunset out of these clouds last night. It didn’t happen. Everything turned gray. I think Gwendolyn’s catnip hallucinations confiscated all of the strawberry color out of the sky to color her forever strawberry catnip fields.


Søren. I know you tell the cats to “STOP” all the time and they don’t listen to you. What makes you think they can read?

Silver caught Cator Mortis from Loki. Glenda is the black cat in the foreground in the middle picture.

Sky views

Moon at sunset

Caw of the wild. I think this is a whiny juvenile crow.

These flowers grow from bulbs. They are like a cross between a Shasta Daisy and a sunflower.

A fine end to the day

Moon & Venus, Cator Mortis, Lizard, and A Dilemma

The moon, Venus and binary star Spica were aligned tonight. I got the Moon and Venus from the office parking lot. I never saw Spica. I believe Mercury was in the alignment, also, but it was below the horizon by the time I could see Venus.

Loki had a bad case of Cator Mortis this morning.

Spunk was worn out from keeping us safe from monsters and evil spirits during the night.

Silver was chilling. In the chilly morning temps.

Lizard at Laurie’s parent’s house.

The dilemma was that one of the motors on one our HVAC units at the office stopped working. I needed to send a photo of one fan running and the other fan not running to the maintenance person. The photo on the left was taken in regular iPhone mode, which had a shutter speed fast enough to stop the fan that was running. I used an app called Slow Shutter to take the photo on the right, which shows one fan running and the other not running. I had installed Slow Shutter in hopes of photographing lightning on my iPhone. No lightning so far, but it came in handy to solve the dilemma of showing one fan running and the other one not running.