Pink, Silver, Spunk

“Hahahahahaha! I see you Brian”

Harry Hopper!

Ladybug in Shasta Daisy. Harry Hopper. Native bee on Shasta Daisy.

Spunk being a book prop.

I presented my paper at a conference, so now I have started on Christine Robertson’s new book “Three Years OF her Life”.

I broke in the book and got through a few pages by torchlight last night.

Spunk in a chair tunnel

Spunk hanging


Mermaid was happy after we finally got a decent rain last night.

We had a thunderstorm that started yesterday afternoon and rained late into the night producing 0.54 inches (1.4 cm) of rain. A happy Mermaid put on several blooms this morning.

Glenda on the deck, listening to the rain.

Morning clouds after the storm at sunrise.

Can you see Marina’s “Incognito” Pear Tree?

Hello Hello Hello

My friendly computer screens

For my just-in-time delivery of today’s photos, I have a new office dog, flowers, roses, and the half-moon.


Spunk behind Petunias, Pillow Fight, and Iceberg

Rio Samba, Mermaid, and Altissimo


Mary and Paul. Mama Owl after she delivered a mouse to Peter.

Mama Owl flew back and forth with food for the owlets three times while we were out with them last night. It was dusk, and she was giving the owlets their meals behind a mess of leaves, so I couldn’t get the exchanges of food, but Peter was proud of his mouse and acted like he had a mouse cigar in his beak for quite a while before he finally ate it.

Sunset last night

Halfmoon at 54.8%

Dragonflies & Roses

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn starting to line up as they shine through the thin cloudcover.



Sasha was checking out the temperature. “Hey, Paparazzo! It’s upside down!”

Rio Samba, Abraham Darby, and Altissimo

Moon in the clouds

Crescent moon at 34.4% full

How To, Loki, Flowers

I irrigated on Thursday. A gopher hole created an unwanted lake that was draining water that the plants needed. After 30 minutes of trying to plug the hole where it was flowing out of the grand, which I knew wouldn’t work, I finally found two holes that were the source and plugged them. Not before getting a significant-sized lake. The whole thing reminded me of how the Salton Sea was created.

Loki was practicing his cat tree ballet.

White neon iris


New Tree

Sasha giving me the eye.

Cat tree that is. We got a new cat tree for the deck. Tristan and Craig put it together for the kitties this afternoon. Sasha was the first to try it, loved it, and made cuter and cuter poses on it.

It wasn’t long before we ended up with a Cat 5 on the new cat tree.

Silver and Gwendolyn

Mary and Paul are still on the big cottonwood. I think Paul is waiting for Mary to get where she can make the flight across the ditch.

Conjunction — Jupiter & Venus

Jupiter and Venus were sitting side by side as they rose a little after 5:00 am. Mars and Saturn were in line with Venus spread out at almost equidistance between each. The sky was smokey from forest fires, and Saturn was in the smoke lit up by the light pollution from the city.

Jupiter with two moons showing. Venus to the right.

Mars is a red point of light.

I was able to get the rings of Saturn through the light pollution and smoke. Saturn does not have good visibility right now. In June it will have excellent visibility, so I should get much better photos of the rings in June.

The early morning sky viewed directly above me.

I swept the floors this morning. Glenda thought I was making room for her to bring in more loads of dirt, which she did.

Mama Owl was perched on the edge of the nest at 4:30 this afternoon before she flew off in search of food. An owlet waited patiently.

Spunk Eyes

Jupiter, Venus, Crescent Moon, and Mars


Spunk eyes me at bedtime. A nurse asked me if I feel safe at home during a pre-doctor visit screening yesterday. I told her “Yes!” I might have lied to her coming to think about it.


Owlets after sunset. The second photo is of Mama Owl blinking a moment before she took flight. As you can see there are three little faces.