Through The Humidifier Stripely

Spunk: “It looks like Beaker got a new humidifier.”

Beaker: “I’m looking through it all stripely.”

Gwendolyn: “Quick change Spunk! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Beaker: “Thanks for the new humidifier! I can breathe again.”

Spunk: “How did you do that you little brat?” Gwendolyn: “Ah ah ah ah…”

Gwendolyn: “Magic!”

Spunk: “I look great reflecting on the phone.” Gwendolyn: “I’m outta here.”

Beaker’s old humidifier started leaking, so I got him a new one. No sooner had I taken the humidifier out of the box, than Spunk jumped in it followed by Gwendolyn. Beaker gets his own private humidifier to help him breathe better. It’s so dry here that Beaker wheezes without the humidifier.

Beaker Loves Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

“Where’s my blueberry buttermilk pancake PapaRATzo?”

Breaker, our 29-year-old Gold Cap Conure, goes nuts over blueberry buttermilk pancakes. He also loves Susan’s blueberry pound cake. I’m thinking that Beaker has genetic memory of his feathered forefathers going out to treetop IHOPs for Sunday breakfast or Sunday Brunch where they enjoyed blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Beaker also loves coffee, donuts, hamburgers, French fries, pizza, huevos rancheros, and similar fare, all of which he rarely gets. But still, the fact that he likes those various types of foods so much leads me to believe he has a genetic memory of a whole feathered fast food industry high in the tops of rainforest canopies.

Beaker’s pancake is the little one on the lower left side of the griddle.

“I’m still waiting!”

“About time you got my order off the griddle.”


“Yum! Yum!”

“Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!”

It’s been a few years since Laurie made blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Beaker thoroughly enjoyed his pancake as I did mine. The pancakes were delicious.

Glenda and Gwendolyn were not impressed with blueberry buttermilk pancakes. They were more interested in lying around and looking cute.

Sunset for Leo

Leo was a cat everyone would like to have had, and he was a cat for everyone. Sadly, Leo passed on today at the age of 14. The last couple of years he had to deal with a hyperthyroid, and Tristan did a very good job of diagnosing his condition and treating him with drugs prescribed by our vet. But like our Najar and Lola before him, Leo finally succumbed to his chronic condition. But his first 12 years were full of fun and vitality. Not only was Leo a super-loving kitty, he always had something to say about most everything. You can check out this post from 2012 called Leo Sez: We all loved Leo so much. We miss him greatly.

Leo puzzled over why on earth Tristan would take a shower and get all wet. Doesn’t she know to go outside, roll in the dirt and then lick herself clean?

Leo tested out the security of the door into the common area between the bedrooms.

Leo the lover boy.

Leo would listen…

Give you cute eyes…

…and then tell you what he thought about it.

Leo loved to play. Even when he was not feeling well he would not turn down a good round of play.

A Frayed Knot

The state of the cats’ scratching post reminded me of a very old joke I heard last century:

A string went into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender told the string that he didn’t serve strings. The string left the bar, tied itself in a knot, fluffed up its top, went back in the bar, and ordered a beer. The bartender looked sideways at the string and asked: “Aren’t you that string that was in here a few minutes ago?” The string answered: “No sir! I’m a frayed knot!”

The cats have enjoyed their scratching post so much they have frayed the knots.

A frayed knot




Loki and Gwendolyn


71.4% Waxing Gibbous

Feline Follies

Loki shapeshifting


Silly Silver

Glenda reaching out to touch the phone

Sasha on a cold day enjoying warm air blowing on her.

Gwendolyn being a bit intense.

Spunk chilling on a warm countertop.

Lokii: “Leave me be stupid paparazzo!”

Of Cloudscapes and Cats

The clouds over the Sandias this morning made beautiful cloudscapes, some with rainbow colors made by the rising sun reflecting off ice crystals in the thin clouds. Other clouds cast shadows as the sun rose above them.








Ice crystals reflecting colors in the clouds.


Moon in the western sky before sunrise.

Moon behind Mama Owl before sunrise

Mama Owl at sundown

Daddy Owl watching the birds flit around below him at sunset.

Mama Owl hopped over to another branch so I could get a shot of her from the levee after sunset.


Gwendolyn is more adventurous than Glenda, but not into modeling like Glenda. She doesn’t hold still for long unless she is napping in a cubby or lounging in some other difficult to photograph location. She is always playful, but when I get the camera out she skedaddles under the bed, behind the couch, under a chair, wherever she is out of camera range. This afternoon I got her to come out from under the bed and give me some cute poses. Thank you, Gwendolyn.

Intermission: The wild sky this afternoon.

Moon in the rough. January 23, 2021.