Waiting on a Waffle/Breakfast with Guildenstern


I had to get out my 17mm, super-wideangle lens to get a photo of Beaker impatiently waiting for the waffle that’s in the toaster oven. You can see the tips of his wings are a little blurry because he is fluttering them in anticipation. Guildenstern got up on the table, flopped himself down and waited to see what Laurie was having for breakfast. He wasn’t too sure about either the granola or the coffee.





Waffle Time For Beaker (WTFB). While I was heating up a waffle in the toaster oven, Beaker stood on the edge of his shelf impatiently watching the waffle through the glass door on the oven. When the waffle was done, Beaker tore off a piece and ate it on the edge of his shelf not bothering to take it to his food dish like he usually does. Even though he loves waffles, he will not eat them cold. They either need to be straight off the waffle iron, or toasted.

I finished putting up wire around the new roof on the catio, so now it’s reopened for kitty business. The new roof is lower, covers a 12 X 16 feet area, and is translucent, so even in the late afternoon there is plenty of light under the roof. The top of the kitty jungle gym is now almost three feet higher than the end of the roof, so the kitties now have open space all around, and a full 360º view from the top of their jungle gym.








Cold for the Cats


I’ve gone out at sunrise the past two mornings (in 10º F temperatures nonetheless) to put the new roof on the catio. While I was out freezing, the kitties were in bed, under the covers, wondering why I was stupid enough to be out in the cold at such ungodly hours. As the first photo shows, I got a nice translucent roof installed that lets plenty of light in through the windows it covers on the north side of the sunroom. The kitties still can’t go out in the catio at night because I have to put wire up between the new roof and the structure over their kitty jungle gym.




Anthropomorphic Rooster, Floppies & Moore’s Law


What does a stack of 3.5 inch floppy diskettes and Foghorn Leghorn have to do with each other? Nothing other than floppies are about as useful these days as our sign is in keeping people from bothering us in the IT Dept. But after I had to drag the old, dusty stack of floppies out of the server room for WCW to extract some old CAD files from, I realized that in relative terms, a cartoon of an anthropomorphic rooster and that set of floppy diskettes were about the same age. Foghorn Leghorn made his debut in 1946, making him 67 years old. 3.5 inch floppy diskettes were first introduced in 1982, which makes them 32 years old, but we have to apply Moore’s Law (processor speeds double every two years) to anything associated with computers, so in computer years, the floppies are 64 years old, making them and Foghorn Leghorn virtual cohorts.