Eye Eye Eye

Cary Kingfisher: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Finnegan Finch: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Terrance Turkey Vulture: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Mama Owl: “¿Qué pasa Paparazzo? ¿Te gustan las plumas de mi cola?”

Cary Kingfisher who happens to be a Belted Kingfisher: “I’m outta here! ¡Sta luego Ese!”

Eye of Fuzzy Wild Skies

I walked up to check on Fuzzy. Nora Owl was not in the nest, but Fuzzy would not look over the edge. Osric Owl was in a cottonwood about 200 feet south of Fuzzy, but he was busy looking up at something between hoots. Nora Owl was in a cottonwood about 200 feet to the northeast of Fuzzy, hooting at Osric and probably telling Fuzzy to keep his head down. The skies on the way back from visiting with the owls were nothing short of wild.

Osric Owl keeping his eye on something I couldn’t see.

Nora Owl giving me “square eyes”.

Osric Owl is looking a little thin. I think he’s overworked keeping Nora and fuzzy fed.

Nora Owl just after she gave a hoot.

Big Balled Wizard

I made this video in 2017 with some really bloody awful vocals. I just recorded a new vocal track and updated the vocals so now they are just plain bloody awful.

Silver: “Ah! Oh my! You had to remind me!” Loki: “It was a sad time for both of us. I got blackballed or de-blackballed on the same sad day if you recall.

Sunset looking east

Sunset looking west

Big Balled Wizard

Music: Pete Townshend
Lyrics: Timothy Price
Vocals: AWB
Silver Kitty: Silver
Vet: Anonymous

When he was a young cat
He had big silver balls
He laid out on the counter
On display to one and all
Ain’t seen nothing like them
In any amusement hall

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

He laid there like Adonis
He licked his silver things
Feeling proud and smug
He always kept them clean
His pride and intuition
He showed them off to all

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

He was a big balled wizard
But with an evil twist
The big balled wizard he lost his catliness

Why did we have to do it
I don’t know
His balls they looked so good

He didn’t have no distractions
Didn’t care about buzzers and bells
Surgery lights were flashing
He thought he was in hell
Doesn’t want a replay
He never saw them fall

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

So we had to take on the big bally king
We just took away his big ball crown from him

When he lays out on the table
He doesn’t get no rest
He’s cute when he’s all sprawled out
You can see he’s lost his best
His tail’s like a crazy weiner
He never saw them fall…

So guess what the vet did?
She cut off his silver balls.

Guitars On The Wall

I hung a couple of art guitars I made on the the walls above my desk instead of photos. I found some really nice acrylic hangers that use the strap buttons to hang the guitars so the hangers are hardly noticeable.

Super Chief PRS-style Guitar

Resa’s One-Eyed Beauty RGX-style Guitar

The desk I built for our graphic artist

Trees in bloom in the patio at the new office building.

The conference room looking east through the single door. The walls are curved.

Conference room looking west through the double doors.

Sunset looking east.

Sunset looking west.

MAD about Lovely Missile’s Garden

No comment… #9 by Anakreon Kanavakis.

Lovely Missile’s Garden

Inspired by No Comment… #9 by Anakreon Kanavakis above. Lyrics by Timothy Price. Music by The Beatles.

The above sketch by Anakreon Kanavakis brought back memories of growing up during the Cold War when Mr. Kanavakis drew this sketch. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was all the rage for waging a Cold War. MAD is the theory of deterrence based on the idea that if enemies have equal abilities to annihilate each other, the equilibrium will deter said enemies from launching nuclear strikes against one or the other. The proliferation of bombs and missiles was a constant source of fear and concern during the Cold War which Mr. Kanavakis illustrates so well in his sketch.

Keep in mind that Athens, Greece, where Mr. Kanavakis worked for newspapers, is much closer to Russia than the United State. I will dare to guess that the fear of annihilation from the Soviet Union was more poignant in Greece than in the USA at that time, yet doomsday seemed to be always at hand everywhere.

When I saw Marina’s post with No Comment… #9 on her anmar blog, first thing this morning, I commented with the first few lines that came to mind. Soon after that I wrote the rest of the lyrics and turned the initial inspiration into a complete parody called Lovely Missile’s Garden (lyrics at the end of the post) to the music of Octopuses Garden by The Beatles. When inspiration strikes, I take action before the inspiration slips away. After writing the lyrics, I found an instrumental version of Octopuses Garden. Between various chores, I recorded the parody and sent it off to Marina for her approval and permission to use No Comment… #9.

I took this photo yesterday. It seems fitting for today’s theme.

On April 9, 1999, after President Clinton dropped bombs on the Serbs without informing Russia, Russian President Bois Yeltsin threatened to nuke Europe. We lived in Madrid, Spain at that time and saw Yeltsin on the news making his threats. It made me think of Nikita Khrushchev’s “We will bury you!” statement in 1956 (I was not born yet). We were worried about the whole affair, but all our Spanish friends were “Meh!” Some of our friends had done their military duty with Russian troops and said that most everything the Russians had was broken down and didn’t work. They didn’t think the Russian’s bombs were capable of exploding.

Lovely Missile’s Garden
Inspiration: Anakreon Kanavakis
Parody Lyrics: Timothy Price
Music: The Beatles

I like to be, watering bombs you see
In a lovely missile’s garden in the shade
I know I’d win, because I’ve been
Watering missile’s garden in the shade
I have no friends who want to be
Watering my missile’s garden with me

I like to be, watering bombs you see
In a lovely missile’s garden in the shade

It would be warm (Oh so warm), from the storm (From the storm)
A little blast-a-way and big shock wave (Boom! Boom!)
No resting our heads (Our heads), we’d all be dead (Oh no!)
A missile garden will make our grave (So sad!)
We would not sing or dance around
Annihilation would be profound

I like to be, watering bombs you see
In a lovely missile’s garden in the shade

Without a doubt (No doubt!) we’d be blown about (All about!)
Echoes fall beneath the blasting waves (So many waves!)
There’s no more Joy (Killed Joy), no girls or boys (No girls or boys?)
Knowing there’s nothing left but empty space (So much space).
No happiness for you and me
No one left to tell us what to do

I like to be, watering bombs you see
In a lovely missile’s garden in the shade

I like to be, watering bombs you see
In a lovely missile’s garden in the shade

What Was Is Not

The cubicles that came with the new office.

The cubicles that came with the new office were old, broken, and worn out. We are getting new cubicles, so we had to get the old cubicles out. No one wanted to take and reuse them, so demolition was in order. I could not figure out how to take them apart, so our office manager’s brother sent a person who installs cubicles to the office to check them out, and I made a deal with him to have a couple of his staff come in and take the cubicle apart for us. He asked who made them, and when I told him he had never heard of the manufacturer. The manufacturer had gone out of business years ago. Even though the building is only 15 years old, we figure the cubicles were at least 30 years old. Two young men came by yesterday and took them apart. I would have never figured it out, and, although the two young me were fast, it was a lot of work for them to take down the partitions. The two didn’t want to haul them to the dump because they would be charged to dump them. We had them leave the partitions and we spent most of today stripping off the fabric, removing the insulation, and separating the metal and plastic from 72 partitions. Dolores took two loads of metal to Acme Metal and got some cash for it. She will take a couple more loads to Acme tomorrow and we’ll be rid of the old cubicles without simply taking them to the dump.

Uppers, a box of brackets, and a few partitions stripped to the metal remain to be taken to Acme tomorrow. The piles of fabric and insulation are in the center and some tack boards await me to take the mounting hardware off of them.

Intermission: My new La Llorona approved aqua-turquoise blue Nostalgia Retrowave microwave I got for my office. It’s a long way to the kitchen in the new building.

Daddy Owl holding on tight in the high winds that were trying to blow him out of the tree.

Ear Tufts in silhouette