Services In A TUFF SHED®

White Oaks, New Mexico doesn’t need no stinking cathedral or post-bank-style building for worship services. A TUFF SHED® with a steeple does just fine.

A colorful cacti in the churchyard, and a second TUFF SHED® used for fellowship hall.

The Harvest Moon rising last night with Saturn peeking through the clouds on the right. Saturn in the center photo. The Harvest Moon shining through the clouds.

There was lightning to the north last night. Saturn and its moons in plaid. The Harvest moon finally rose above the clouds.

Another Old School

White Oaks Schoolhouse was built in 1895. It’s only open on weekends, so I did not get to go inside. White Oaks, New Mexico is 17 miles northeast of Carrizozo, New Mexico. The White Oaks webpage is at There is also a wiki on White Oaks, NM:

It has a three-hole outhouse.

A safe from the old post office and bile of mystery metal. Although there is an old tricycle on the concrete slab.

View from the west side of the school.

The south side of the school.

The east side of the school.

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon rose yellow. I was still in August and David caught my error. Thanks, David. The full moon is on Saturday, September 10th, but the moon does not pass the meridian tonight. Therefore, is close enough for Rock and Roll to be considered full of itself.


The Corn Moon rising at sunset.

The Harvest Moon at dusk.

A gas balloon was hanging in the southern sky. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta starts on October 1st. There are 768 Balloons registered to fly this year.

The Harvest Moon rising under a happy kitty in the clouds.


Then, Then, Then, and Now

PNM Building from 5th and Silver in Downtown Albuquerque in 1980.

PNM Building in 2015. PNM had moved out and the building was for sale. The asking price was $6,250,000 for a total of 251,523 square feet — $24.85/SF was a great deal at the time.

The PNM Building in 2019. Bernalillo County purchased the building and was renovating it. The round-cornered building on the NE corner of 5th and Silver was demolished to build new chambers for the County Commission.

Demolishing the building on the NE corner of 5th and Silver.

The old PNM Building turned into the Bernalillo County Building in 2022.