The Week — March 9th through March 15th

This week’s Photo of the Day, Etc includes:

March 9th: A new wall —

March 10th: Irish Soda Bread and a personal record —

March 11th: Kittens playing in boxes —

March 12th: Construction progress —

March 13th: Another stair climbing record —

March 14th: Tulips —

March 15th: The old folk kitties —

16 thoughts on “The Week — March 9th through March 15th

  1. I paricularly love the tulips – stunning. The kitties in the boxes are cute and your stair-climbing is impressive.

  2. Tim, this post of links is a fabulous idea! I realize your other site meets your needs better… so i hate to admit it, but i actually do find WordPress a lot easier to use. Just a creature of habit i guess. Thanks for the links. Huge hugs.

  3. So happy to get the link to your photos. So much easier for tech-challenged me. Love all of them equally! Well, maybe the kitties first! Not to forget your personal record! Christine

  4. Great idea posting the links here, Timothy!
    I check bloglovin daily now, so I’m no longer missing your posts. But, posting links here is just great cause my wordpress page is open all day long 🙂

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